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The wealthy Elbourne family hired Vampire Hunter D to rescue their beloved daughter, Charlotte from the clutches of a vampire. Their hopes were dashed when D pointed out the possibility of her being turned to their side. To save her soul, they gave D permission to kill her. However, D was not the only bounty hunter. The notorious Markus brothers (Borgoff, Grove, Kyle & Nolt) were also hired to hunt down the vampire. After the 'business rivals' crossed paths, Borgoff recited a little story that underlined one thing, let D do all work while they claim credit. However, their companion, Leila had other plans. Following D, she tracked down the vampire down to his hideaway, unprepared for the massive defense system that awaited her. She was injured in the process. D met face to face with the vampire, Meier Link. They fought but Charlotte's earnest cries for Meier Link's safety distracted him, allowing Meier Link to get away. D was about to continue the chase when he saw Leila lying unconscious on the ground. Later, Leila woke up to find out that D attended to her wounds. Quietly, D remarked that for a person who cried for her mother when close to death, was unfit to be a hunter. 

The Markus brothers regrouped with Leila. Later, they found Meier Link's carriage in the middle of nowhere. Borgoff, Kyle & Nolt went to investigate. The carriage was an illusion created by a shady Barbarois demon (Benge) who used shadows and cloths to confuse his opponents. Nolt became his first victim, leaving Borgoff devastated. Meanwhile, D traveled to the Barbarois lair where he knew that's where Meier Link would lodge at. Unfortunately for him, the Barbarois were faithful servants to the vampires and had appointed three elite fighters (Benge, Caroline, Werewolf) to guard Meier Link for the rest of his journey. It seemed that they had no intention in letting D walk out alive. Just then, a ghostly apparition (Grove's spirit) flew in and violently shot out destructive light rays. Swiftly, the Barbarois bodyguards took Meier Link to safety. D gave chase and got trapped into Benge's shadow webs. The Markus brothers were in hot pursuit but Caroline (whose morphing abilities enabled her to change into every material she touched) entered their vehicle and damaged it. Pleased, Caroline left, leaving Benge to deal with them. When Benge discovered that D had broken out from his shadow web, he tried to finish off the brothers but his hastiness cost him his life. 

With their vehicle badly needed of repairs, Kyle & Leila went to the nearest town to get supplies. While doing so, Leila saw D. Still ticked off by his remark, she tricked the town's sheriff into believing that D was a threat. After losing his horse in the last battle, D went to buy a new one from an old shopkeeper. At that moment, the sheriff and his men stormed in, demanding D to leave. The old shopkeeper then spoke of an incident that happened years ago. A group of children were kidnapped by vampires. Only one hunter went out to rescue them. Instead of being grateful, the townspeople drove him out because the hunter was a dunpeal (half human half vampire). They may fear the vampire blood in him but what they did not comprehend that the dunpeal had no choice but to bear the cursed blood in him. Taking out a huge gun, the shopkeeper ordered them to leave D unharmed. The reason was that he was one of those children whom D had rescued. Upon overhearing this, Leila's opinions about D began to change.

While the Barbarois were away scouting, Meier Link decided to let Charlotte enjoy the sun for the last time. Some distances away, Charlotte saw D who wanted to know why she hadn't been turned yet. The truth was that Charlotte was in love with Meier Link. After she said it, Leila showed up and gave her a tight slap. Her love had paid a high price. She was about to take Charlotte away when Caroline appeared and attacked her, rending her unconscious. The Barbarois werewolf took Charlotte away while D fought with Caroline who used the forest surroundings to her advantage. The problem now was that D was exposed to the sun for too long and it's taking a severe toll on his body. Nevertheless, D managed to slice off Caroline's head from her body. After recovering from her sudden brush of death, Leila found D taking refuge underneath the tree roots, digging a hole. Just then, Bargoff came online on her communicator. She reported that their prey was heading towards Siphon Lake in the North and lied about D's whereabouts. 

To return the favour (that D saved her), Leila buried D up to his neck. Halfway leaving, Caroline (still in her forest tree form) sneakily attacked her. She threw a knife into her face but it did no harm. By a twisted stroke of luck, a blot of lightening came down and struck Caroline (guess the knife acted like a metal conductor), burning her to ashes. Rain came pouring down, forcing Leila to seek shelter at where D was. She revealed her childhood past. Her father was killed while trying to save her mother from vampires. A month later, her mother returned but as a vampire. Instantly, Leila's people put her to death right in front of Leila's eyes. For dry humour, she made a pact with D. Whoever died first, the survivor had to place a flower upon the grave. 

At the Siphon Lake bridge, the Barbarois Werewolf tricked Bargoff & Klye into thinking that he was dead. While he was removing the bombs (hidden beneath the bridge), Meier Link stalled the hunters even though his skin was burning under the evening sunrays. Leila was nearby and once again, witnessed Charlotte declaring her love for him. Impatient, Kyle was about to strike when the Barbarois Werewolf reappeared and killed him on the spot. Bargoff was thrown off the bridge, falling into the river where the Werewolf relocated the bombs. He survived but maddened with rage. Judging the direction taken, D suspected that Meier Link was heading the mystical Cheyte Castle where the Countess Camilla lived. 5,000 years ago, the King of Vampires had her killed because of the despicable acts she did in her quest for eternal beauty. Rumours had it that her spirit inhabited the castle.

At Cheyte Castle, the Countess Camilla welcomed the lovers, lamenting upon the golden age when vampires travel to Outer Space where the City of Nights once stood. She had one last spaceship that could take them to their haven. When the lovers were alone, Charlotte questioned Meier Link's reluctance in turning her into a vampire. His reply was that he wanted to spare her the curse of everlasting darkness. He ordered her to stay in her room till he's done with one last unfinished business - D. Little did he know that he had fallen into the Countess' wicked trap. As for Charlotte, she went into a trace. While trying to find her, D went into one of the Countess' illusion - his human mother begging for forgiveness.  Revenge driven, Bargoff & Leila entered Cheyte Castle despite Grove's pleas to turn back. Moving down to the lower levels, Bargoff hardly believed his eyes when he saw Nolt & Kyle looking very much 'alive'. With his guard down, his life was forfeited.

Meanwhile, Leila got trapped into an illusion - her looking at her younger angry self. Luckily for her, D snapped her out of it as soon he was done with his. A vampire-bitten Bargoff entered and tried to use Leila to force D into surrendering. Suddenly, Grove's spirit zoomed in and threw himself upon Bargoff, destroying them both together. It was that moment that Leila realized that Grove sacrificed himself to save her. Following his instincts, D burst into a room where a stone coffin (that contained the Countess' dried up corpse) stood. Charlotte was lying on the floor, her neck bitten. Her blood flowed towards and inside the coffin. Using her powers, the Countess took D into her spirit dimension where she intended to fully awake the vampire inside D and made him her servant. Shockingly, D repelled her attacks and stabbed her in the heart. Her half completed body tried to devour Charlotte but Meier Link swooped down just in time to save her and destroyed the Countess' body. At her last moments, the Countess pondered if D's father could possibly be the legendary King of Vampires. 

Meier Link was too late for Charlotte had lost too much blood. After their last farewell, Meier Link turned to face D for their last battle, warning him that he too might end up being the hunted. Grieved and tired of the senseless deaths, Leila took Charlotte's ring and threw it to where D was. Its ringing sound reminded D of his objective as a bounty hunter. With Charlotte dead, his job was done. There was no need to kill Meier Link. Outside the crumbling castle, D and Leila saw a space ship blasting off into space. A tear fell from Leila's eyes. 

Years passed and there was a funeral held at a town. From the corners of her eyes, a little girl spot D hiding in the shadows of a tree. She ran up to him and recognized him as the dunpeal hunter from her recently decreased grandmother's - Leila - stories. D softly replied that he had come to fulfill a promise. Though disappointed that D couldn't stay longer, she thanked him for coming. With that, he continued his lonely journey.    





Vampire Hunter D

Rejected by both sides, this soft spoken swordsman dunpeal (half-human, half vampires) was cursed with the fate that one day he would give in to his blood thirst. After learning that Charlotte & Meier Link were lovers, one may speculate that he would do what it takes to prevent the birth of another dunpeal. Thankfully, Leila was there to remind him that he was a bounty hunter. Nothing more, nothing less.    

Left Hand

A powerful 'vacuum cleaner' being that inhabited inside D's left hand. It liked to play with D's mind from time to time. 



Her hatred for vampires began when her mother was kidnapped and turned into one by force. Her father was killed while attempting to rescue her. After her mother was released, Leila's people had her killed before her eyes. Since then, she teamed up with the Markus brothers and became a zealous hunter. She finally let go of her hatred when she realized Meier Link's love for Charlotte was genuine.   



The leader of the Markus brothers. A skilled archer. When Nolt & Kyle were killed, he became obsessed with revenge.    


Though physically weak, he had lethal spiritual powers. To use it, he had to inject some liquid into his bloodstream that seemed to separate his spirit from his body. The setback was that it took a heavy toll on his body. He cared a lot for his brothers and sacrificed himself to save Leila.  


A boorish punk but at least he avenged Nolt's death.  


Big chuck of muscles who loved to swing his hammer to bash evil-doers. 


Charlotte Elbourne

By falling in love with Meier Link, she threw away her reputation and wealthy life to be with him in the City of Nights. Some viewers might find her acts selfish (especially Leila, who slapped her) but at least she had some guilt conscious. 


Meier Link

Beneath the vampire exterior, he truly loved Charlotte and refused to turn her into one, including refraining himself to bite her. Sadly, he failed to see that he was falling into the Countess' trap that led to Charlotte's death.


Bloody Countess Camilla

The true villain/mastermind of the story. Her castle was once a 'space shuttle' area where vampires could travel to Outer space to visit the City of Nights. Her physical body was destroyed personally by the King of Vampires after learning her hideous acts in her quest of eternal beauty. Yet, her spirits lived on, waiting for the right opportunity to re-live.




Barbarois Werewolf