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History in Weiß Season 1:

Ran’s life was changed forever on his sister (Aya)’s sixteen birthday. That night, the siblings returned Click on Aya for more pics!home to find their parents dead and a bomb waiting to explode. Aya escaped but Ran got caught in the debris. As Aya ran back to her inured brother, a car came and knocked her down, causing her to fall into a coma. The last thing he recalled was a man named Takatori Renji inside that car. Filled with rage, Ran sworn to avenge his family. To prevent him from losing his objective, Ran changed his name to Aya and put on one of her earrings (that was initially her birthday present). 

Eventually, Aya located Takatori Renji with unsuspected discoveries. The ‘Persia’ of Weiss Kreuz turned out to be Takatori Renji’s brother, Shuuichi. Plus, Omi’s real name was Takatori Mamoru. In the end, Aya killed Renji, ending his revenge quest. Just as he thought it was over, an insane organization kidnapped Aya (sister) for some ritual. Weiss Kreuz rescued her at the cost of a life-threatening battle. At the end of the season, Aya (sister) finally gained conscious.  

Weiß Glühen Season:

After ensuring the safety of his sister, Aya no longer wore that infamous earring and kept a pretty braid. During the Kouda mission, he disguised as a history teacher (Damn hot!). He’s like a ‘mentor-cum-big-brother’ towards Sena & Kyo. His character seemed to have mellow down into a soulful being searching for some spiritual redemption.



KEN HIDKA  [top]

History in Weiß Season 1:

Ken was a successful soccer player till he was banned after illegal drugs were found on him. Click on Ken for more pics!During a mission, Ken was shocked to find his childhood friend, Kase Koichiro, as one of the targets. Believing that Kase was innocent, Ken went to him and unraveled a horrifying truth. Kase was the one who ruined his career and even tried to have him killed. Having tasted betrayal twice, Ken killed him.     

Weiß Glühen Season:

Despite his tough wolverine-like attitude, Ken’s a loyal friend even though he knew Aya was showing intentions of leaving Weib. With Sena & Kyou dead and everyone going their separate ways, Ken became lost and requested Omi to transfer him to prison till he could sort things out and decide what he should with the remaining years of his life. It’s a good thing that soccer was still his passion.




History in Weiß Season 1:

Before Yoji joined Weiss, he was previously a private investigator. His partner was Asuka and both of them lived their lives passionately. One day, Asuka sacrificed herself to let Yoji live. Since then, he always Click on Yoji for more pics!blamed himself for her death. During a mission, Yoji discovered that she was still alive and working for an assassin team (formed by Tatakori Renji’s son) known as Schreient. The problem was that she had no memories of her past except that her name was Noi. 

Although he was unable to get a full confirmation, he strongly believed that Noi was Asuka. Sadly, fate was cruel. Noi (who was obsessively faithful to her master) forced Yoji into a confrontation that resulted in him killing her. Till this day, Yoji never got over her death.

 Weiß Glühen Season:

A talented womanizer, Yoji frequently used this trait to gain information. After witnessing the deaths of almost all the women he met (whenever he killed them or not), he had been showing signs of a mental breakdown like pretending to talk to Asuka. When he met Tsuji who showed him the technology of altering memories, the prospect of having a new life seemed possible, causing him to turn on Weib. Thankfully, he came to his senses and killed Tsuji. Due to severe injuries, he landed in hospital for a long time. Later, he married a nurse who coincidentally resembled Asuka (her name was Asuka too!). However, his ending had a wicked twist (Some might view it as a blessing).




History in Weiß Season 1:

When Omi was a child, he was kidnapped. Shockingly, his father refused to pay forClick on Omi for more pics! the ransom. Furious, the kidnappers decided to get rid of him. Luckily, Persia (Takatori Shuuichi) saved him and trained him to be an assassin. Though terribly traumatized, Omi got along with Weiss and was quite a hacker when it came to computer systems.

Gradually, Omi stumbled across the Takatori family and unearth many painful secrets. Takatori Renji was his father, an ambitious person who hungered for power. His two elder brothers were just as bad as him (Weiss annihilated them). His first love turned out to be his sister, killed in a crossfire between Weiss and Schwarz. The biggest twist was yet to come. Omi’s real father was actually Shuuichi, thus, explaining why Omi’s ransom was never paid.

 Weiß Glühen Season:

All grown up, Mamoru (Omi) was to succeed his father’s place as Persia. Nevertheless, he had personal conflicts in putting Weiss into harmful situations both physically and mentally while coming to terms in accepting himself as a Takatori. To ‘kill’ the Omi in him, Mamoru joined Weiss in their last mission in eliminating Epitaph. After that, he entered the political world just as his father & uncle did. Externally he’s Mamoru Takatori, but in the inside, he’s still Omi Tsukiyono, the sweet boy with a gentle heart. One would wonder if he’s breaking up inside.      



SENA IZUMI    [top]

Click on Sena for more pics!His real name was Takeru Kisaragi, the son of Fumie Kisaragi who was principal of Kisaragi School before it was changed to Kouda Academy. For some unknown reason, Fumie killed her family. Sena survived and since then, searching for Fumie who disappeared without a trace. No doubt reckless at several occasions, his actions could be rationalized by his thirst in finding out the truth. Tragically, he never did. 





KYO AGURI    [top]

Ever since his brother’s suicide at Kouda, Kyo joined Weiss to seek out the true mastermind behind his death. Athletically skilled, he proved to be an asset except that he kept linking Sena to his late brother. If he were a little more mentally stable, he wouldn’t be dead in episode five.


REX   [top]

Persia’s devoted secretary. She cared a lot about Weiss and probably the only one who could see Omi’s true self.  





NOZOMI   [top]

Sena’s classmate. Like everyone else, she wanted to join the elite S-class. When she realized that S-class was not what it exactly portrayed to be, she left with a heavy price. Her death devastated Sena.



ASAMI   [top]

A person with a passion for teaching. She took a big liking to Aya since episode four because he was the only teacher to help Sena from the insane manhunt that Todo created. With her cheerful personality, it didn’t take long for Aya to develop some feelings for her. Unfortunately, Tsuji killed her in episode 9. (Honestly, if she didn’t die, Aya might continue his teaching profession.)



TODO   [top]

A brilliant student with big ambitious and twisted beliefs of what leaders should be made of. He planned to take full control of Kouda for he strongly believed that the teachers were not capable in nurturing future leaders. After getting rid of the principal, he learnt about a class superior to his – the Z-class, which was hidden in a secret basement. When he got there, he was unprepared for a disturbing truth. He was actually a clone programmed for an experiment. Since the results he produced exceeded Tsujji’s expectations, he was no longer needed. Dispirited, he committed suicide. His last words were ‘Boku wa dare?’ (Who am I?)   




As a member of Eszett, his job was to ensure Todo’s enrollment in Kouda. Like all ego-manic, he strongly believed that he’s a chosen elite destined for great things. When reality set in, he shot himself in the head.    






She first started as a lowly lab technical in Eszett. Driven by ambition, she made her way to the top of the food chain to the point that she wants to control Eszett to dominate the world. Her intention of creating the 'super-being', Todo was to enable her to create a 'god' equipped with Epitaph's information database. That's the problem with genius scientists who have Permanent Head Damage.   



EPITAPH   [top]

Believe it or not, Epitaph’s actually a mega-computer system! The mysterious thing was that it’s able to mind control humans. It controlled Fumie Kisaragi to kill her family & Sena. It tried to hack into Ken’s mind but aborted because it found him impure. Thankfully, it failed to counteract the virus that Omi implanted inside.


CRASHERS   [top]  

Another team created by the Takatori family. Aya was formerly in this team before he transferred to Weiss. Their liaison was Queen (a sexier version of Rex). The leader, Knight seemed to take a liking towards Aya (Well, they were former comrades). The other three followed by the codename of Bishop, Rook & Pawn. They weren’t very happy when ordered to counteract Weiss. FYI, the story of Ran & the Crashers is available as a radio-drama. There hasn’t been any anime about it (yet).  



SCHWARZ   [top]

Eszett’s so-called failures. ‘Schwarz’ in German means ‘black’.  They first appeared in Season 1 and were instantly Weiss’ sworn rivalries. After their extreme make over in this season, they returned to kick Eszett’s butt. (Probably, some old score to settle).


Brad Crawford. He’s the leader who had the ability to see the future. With that, he could always anticipate his opponents’ move without fail.


Schuldich. Reading people’s minds was like tasting sweet honey to him. His favourite hobby was to get inside Crawford’s mind every now and then.


Nagi Naoe. A powerful telekinetic, even more now that he’s grown up. He’s the prime target of Rosenkreuz since he killed four of them. Surprisingly, he’s working for Omi! “A long story,” said Omi. And he addressed him as ‘Nagi-kun’. What have these two been up to? Could this alliance possibly be influenced by fanfictions? 

Farfello. A total wacko who loved to cut himself. He made a very brief appearance that was rather weird. When Crawford trapped one of the Rosenkreuz into his mind dimension, he said he wasn’t alone. At that moment, Farfello showed up and killed the poor Rosenkreuz. Hmmm… what did happened to Farfello?





They’re the ‘better’ versions of Schwarz. Sent from Germany to deal with Weiss. The only setback was that they did not anticipate Schwarz to show up. Oh well, they were killed. Thus, it’s proven that you can’t beat the originals! 






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