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Episode synopsis 1 - 4

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Last Mission 1 - White Flames [top]

International terrorist attacks had been found suspiciously linked to a Kouda Academy in Japan. In addition, suicide rates at Kouda were occurring rapidly. The newly appointed Persia, Mamoru Takatori (aka Omi Tsukiyono) had ordered Aya Fujimiya & Sena Izumi to infiltrate the school as history teacher and student respectively.

In class, Sena made friends with Nozomi Miyazawa who wished to be enlisted in the elite S-class (which students wore white uniforms unlike the common blue). Their leader was Todo, a brilliant first-grader whose authority was higher than the teachers. In a conference room, Aya learnt nobody had personally seen the school director. Somewhere else, the school principal (Inagaki) gave Todo permission to enlist more students into the S-class.

At the Weiss residence, Aya, Sena & Rex analyzed the Kouda computer system and discovered morbid subliminal messages hidden in the screen savers. They suspected that it was related to the suicide rates. Meanwhile, another Weiss named Kyo Aguri was currently hacking into Kouda’s computer server. A mysterious file, ‘Epitaph’ was discovered. 

In Kouda library, Sena was (sadly) looking at a photograph of a woman. Nozomi was there and the two chatted. Once again, she expressed her interests for S-class for she strongly believed that Kouda had the potential to create future leaders. Though Sena was speechless, he was concerned. 

During a history lesson, a student was behaving strangely. At that moment, Todo & the S-class entered the classroom. Terrified, the student ran out of the room, to the rooftop and tried to throw himself down. Luckily, Sena was there to rescue him despite Todo’s ‘Survival of the fittest’ taunting. However, it roused Todo’s attention.

Nozomi was overjoyed at her promotion to S-class. After being showed to her quarters, Nozomi was brought to an initiation ceremony. To prove her worth, Nozomi was forced to kill the student whom Sena saved earlier, as Todo believed that future leaders were meant to take the lives of civilians without hesitation. [top]




Last Mission 2 - God Hurts Those He Loves [top]

Haunted by his brother’s suicide at Kouda, Kyo vowed to find the person responsible for his death. In the school office, Todo reported to Inagaki about the latest S-class intakes, including Nozomi. Inagaki warned Todo not to have any information leak outs. Meanwhile, Nozomi was still traumatized over the initiation and performed badly during lessons. Seeing her depressed, Sena grew concerned. 

Inagaki and Todo were in a meeting with Minister Morishita Kouichi and his secretary, Shimojima (a Kouda graduate). Todo and Shimojima excused themselves. Once outside, Todo indirectly hinted his expectations of Shimojima.

Kyo and Aya continued hacking into Kouda computer system. A voice file came out, revealing a conversation between Todo and Inagaki about the latest S-class intakes. Sensing the danger Nozomi was in, he asked Kyo to check the time schedule. Fortunately, the S-class students were having their break. Sena found Nozomi and the two talked. (with Kyo & Aya safely spying on them). She broke down, yearning to leave S-class. At that moment, masked men appeared and demanded her to return to class. Irritated, Sena fought them. Aya utilized his teacher persona to force them into retreating, allowing Kyo to pursue after them. Overwhelmed, Nozomi fainted.

In the staff room, a teacher named Tsuji (after learning from Aya about Nozomi’s ‘health condition’) decided to make arrangements for her to return to normal classes. Aya thanked her for her help. Sena was relieved.

Back at the Weiss residence, the news broadcasted an incident that killed Minister Morishita Kouichi and that Shimojima may replace him in the next election. The Weiss boys suspected his death might be linked to Kouda. Furthermore, Kyo reported that masked men were from the G-class (Kouda’s special task force).

The next day, Nozomi returned to normal classes. Sena showed signs of encouragement. Inside a control room, Inagaki ordered Nozomi’s elimination for she’s a failure. Todo objected but Inagaki shut him up. During classes, Sena received an email from Nozomi. While he was reading, Nozomi succumbed to the influences of the subliminal messages that were infiltrated into her computer. Petrified, she threw herself out of the window. Sena failed to catch her in time.  [top]




Last Mission 3 - Sweet Nothing [top]

The police ruled out Nozomi’s death as suicide, leaving Sena too distressed  to be aware that Todo did a full background check on him. Inagaki was angry with Todo for assassinating Minister Morishita Kouichi without his permission and decided to remove his control over G-class. However, he was oblivious that Todo had other plans for him. 

During the Weiss briefing, Sena was still upset over Nozomi’s death. Sensing he would do something reckless, Kyo knocked him unconscious. Later, he explained to Aya that Sena resembled his younger brother. Aya warned him not to let them interfere with the mission. When Sena gained conscious, Rex revealed to him about Kyo’s decreased brother.

At Kouda, Aya & Kyo ran into an ambush. Rex was shocked to learn from Persia that they were being spied on. Upon hearing this, Sena rushed to Kouda. There, he met Todo who cunningly made him believe that Inagaki was responsible for the suicides. Instantly, he headed straight for Inagaki’s office. Both Aya & Kyo intuited that the ambush was created to keep them occupied. Realized that their real target was Sena, they broke their way out, running into Rex (who headed to Kouda when she found Sena missing) who confirmed their fears.

Blinded by revenge, Sena killed Inagaki. With his dying breath, Inagaki muttered a word, ‘Kaken’. Taken aback, Sena took a closer look at Inagaki and recognized him as one of his relatives. Horrified at the sight of his bloodstained hands, he screamed.  [top]




Last Mission 4 - Rhodesia [top]

With Shimojima’s help, Inagaki’s body was disposed (much to Todo’s satisfaction). Aya & Rex were displeased with Sena’s recklessness. Sena tried to rationale the killing. Aya chided his actions were no different from a murderer. Rex explained that Persia was trying to find out the true perpetrators for Inagaki was simply a mere puppet. Then, Sena remembered Todo’s knowledge of Weiss but kept quiet. Meanwhile, Todo had his troops gaining full control of the school. Aya considered the possibility of Sena’s cover being blown, causing Rex to worry about Persia’s decision. In Sena’s room, Kyo confessed to Sena that he would do the same in his position.

Returning to Kouda, Aya learnt from the other teachers that the entire computer system was down. A group of S-class students rushed into the staff room and ordered them to be in their seats. Apparently, this was happening all over Kouda. Using the broadcasting facilities, Todo announced to school about Inagaki’s death and his future plans for Kouda. When finished, the students instantly chanted Todo’s name as if he was their saviour.   

Reflecting over Kyo’s words, Sena recalled his tragic past (For some unknown reason, his mother killed his family). Speculating that Todo might have some information about his mother, he ran off to Kouda. Once Rex discovered he was gone, she headed there as well.

Sena forced his way into Kouda. Todo decided to use him to draw out Aya & Kyo by putting a bounty (a promotion to S-class) on Sena’s capture. The entire school went into an insane uproar. Aya broke his way out of the staff room. Luckily for him, the S-class guards did not give chase. Running into Kyou, Aya reminded him not to let Todo out of his sight. Like Inagaki, Todo too could be a puppet. Kyou admitted in not locking Sena’s door as ordered because he overheard Aya & Rex’s conversation. Aya reprimanded him not to mix Sena with his decreased brother. However, Kyo disobeyed.

Inside Inagaki’s office, Todo discovered a class superior to S-class – the Z-class.



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