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Episode synopsis 5 - 8

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Last Mission 5 - It's too Late [top]

Kyo disobeyed Aya and went to find Sena. Luckily, he was just in time to rescue him from the S-class students. By taking matters into his own hands, Kyo allowed Sena to escape. Guilt-ridden, Sena searched for Aya. Kyo tried to convince the students that they were all manipulated, including Todo. At Inagaki’s office, Todo was fascinated about the research reports on Ravensoul and the creation of super human beings. 

At the Takatori’s residence, Mamoru (aka Omi Tsukiyono) was talking to his grandfather about a personal conflict. In his pursuit to seek out the masterminds, he felt guilty for putting the Weiss boys in harmful situations both physically and mentally. His grandfather remarked that that was the same problem his father (Shuuichi) had when he was Persia. If Mamoru (aka Omi) chose to resign, he must understand that nothing would change. He had to settle on one path – take on the role as Persia and leave Weiss or risk his life in the hands of others.

Aya found Sena and was furious for his defiance. Sena interrupted, telling him that Kyo was in danger. Meanwhile, the S-class tried to assassinate Rex but failed miserably. (Again, she drove off to Kouda) When both Aya and Sena returned to the spot where Sena last seen Kyo, they found the S-class students on the ground, moaning in pain. It would appear that Kyo escaped. At Kouda’s garden area, Todo found the Z-class’ hiding place. Probing deeper, Todo stumbled into a lab.

At the staff room, the S-class guards left to find Kyo. One of the teachers (Asami) decided to use the opportunity to end the madness. Tsuji (in episode 2) volunteered to help. Together, they managed to persuade the crazy students to stop the manhunt. Slightly relieved, Aya & Sena continued their search for Kyo. On their way, a Z-class student (Sagiri) stopped them. After having a bit of fun, Sagiri withdrew. 

Unknown to them, Sagiri’s purpose was to keep them occupied long enough for Todo to unearth a shocking truth. He was a clone programmed for an experiment research, so said a mysterious woman who was hiding behind a screen. Kyo appeared (in the same room as her) and recognized her as one of the teachers. Just then, a female Z-class student (Suika) showed up.

Kyo told Todo to flee but he was too dispirited to do anything. After disarming Kyo, Suika threw Todo a dagger and resumed beating Kyo up to pulp. Tearfully, Todo took the dagger and killed himself. The bloody scene triggered memories of Kyo’s decreased brother, causing him to have a severe mental breakdown. In a zombie-like manner, he tried to wake up Todo.

By the time Weiss (Aya, Sena & Rex) regrouped, it was already too late. Kyo was dead. 




Last Mission 6 - No Reason [top]

An underworld organization known as Eszett was found to own Kouda Academy including similar facilities all over the world. Mamoru (aka Omi) sent Yoji & Ken to Europe to investigate. As part of their mission, Yoji seduced the head of the European branch (Michelle) to gain information. Once obtained, they set out to destroy the facility. Ken was to download the necessary data needed to gain access to ‘Epitaph’ (mentioned in episode 1) while Yoji kept Michelle occupied.

During the confrontation, Yoji was bombarded with ethical issues. Reluctantly, he killed Michelle. While sadly leaving, she got up and beat the living hell out of Yoji, forcing him to threw himself and her out from the rooftop. Back in Japan, Mamoru (aka Omi) was trying to hack into Epitaph system with futile results. His eyes wavered at a photograph of himself with Aya, Ken & Yoji.   

As Sena came to terms with Kyo’s death, he resolved to overcome his weakness if he were to continue to stay in Weiss. However, Aya regarded weakness as a linkage to his humanity, his sole connection as Ran Fujimiya (Aya’s real name). Unlike him, it was not too late for Sena to leave.

Inside the control room, Ken just finished downloading the European data. Suddenly, a door opened. Ken entered and found a Z-class room littered with dead bodies. He felt a bizarre sensation as if something or someone was trying to read his mind.   

Yoji managed to break the fall with minimum injuries. He saw Michelle lying limply on the ground, wearing the penchant that Yoji gave to her as a present. He was about to take it when Michelle awoke. It turned out that she was from Z-class. Her only desire now was to die with him. Yoji apologized for his deceit despite his sincere love for her. Holding up a control, he activated a bomb located a few feet away from Michelle. She died with a bittersweet smile on her face. With that, the mission ended and both Yoji & Ken returned to Japan.

 Aya reported to Mamoru (aka Omi) that Kouda Academy undergone significant changes such as the removal of the S-class, which had a positive effect on the students. Yoji had infiltrated into the school as an art teacher. Ken was studying at a nearby college. For now, they would wait for the analysis of the Epitaph data and for the true masterminds to reveal themselves.




Last Mission 7 - Jeepstar   [top]

Based on gathered information, Epitaph was confirmed to be the brains behind Eszett Unfortunately, Epitaph’s identify remained unknown. Suspecting that Epitaph might be hiding in Kouda, Mamoru (aka Omi) ordered Weiss to investigate. However, Aya was to refrain from mission duties as his identity could have been compromised. Sena was given the same order. Ken objected, reminding the rest that Kyo’s death was due to Sena’s recklessness.        

In school, Yoji flirted with Tsuji during an art lesson, after which he invited her to a dinner date. In a college cafeteria, Ken overheard rumours of ghosts appearing in the area where Todo & Kyo’s bodies were found. Sena went to look for an officer named Mr. Akimoto. Aya was watching them from a rooftop when Asami (Episode 5) showed up and chatted with him (warm fuzzy background music), during which he found out none of the staff had seen the school director and most of the info about him/her came from Tsuji. Meanwhile, Sena learnt from Akimoto that Shimojima was a frequent visitor to Kouda since the day he came to Todo’s entrance ceremony. Afterwards, he went to see Misaki (a mad Todo fanatic) in a psychiatric ward to find out more about Todo’s relationship with Shimojima (Aya secretly spied on him).

Later, Rex expressed concern in allowing Sena to remain in Weiss despite his connection to Kouda. To Omi, Sena was a calculated risk.

Following the cafeteria rumours, Ken & Aya found the secret basement that Todo had discovered. Ken was about to enter but Aya advised against it. It would be better for them to be in their full force just in case they were unable to handle whatever that was down there (like the Z-class). Recalling his Europe experience, Ken reluctantly agreed. Later at night, the Weiss boys (Aya, Ken, Yoji & Sena) entered the basement. It was empty.

At a building somewhere else, Shimojima was discussing with someone about the disposal of Weiss Kreuz. That person was Tsuji (the mysterious woman in episode 5).

At the Takatori’s residence, Omi’s grandfather wanted to withdraw Weiss from Kouda Omi judged the situation premature for a conclusion. His grandfather reminded him most of the Takatori’s funds were invested in international undercover organizations. Since Eszett had left Kouda, there was no profit for Takatori to undertake. Omi looked dejected.

Later, Omi announced to Weiss to withdraw from Kouda with immediate effect. Aya refused




Last Mission 8 - Instant Karma [top]

[In the case of Yoji, his part is pretty hard to summarized. It seems that he hasn’t gotten over the death of Asuka (his first love) and is showing signs of a mental breakdown. To those who have yet to see the first season of Weiss Kreuz See characters for more info]

Tormented by the deaths of his first love & all the women he met, Yoji almost strangled Tsuji to death. Dazedly, he apologized and left. Meanwhile, the Z-class (Suika & Sagiri; in episode 5) had something in store for Weiss. While spying on Shimojima, Sena overheard that Epitaph had an important guest. He was about to call the others but decided to go solo. Aya was annoyed with Yoji’s late updates on Tsuji Mayumi. Apparently, she showed up when Kouda was established. She had a clean record and owned a mansion not far from the school. 

Rex informed Omi that his grandfather would use the Crashers [Aya’s former team] to counteract Weiss should Aya continued his investigations. Omi felt that every member of Weiss was struggling with their soul searching to find a reason to live. For Omi, he found his in Weiss, his need to exist. However, that was a different case for Aya and he, felt partially responsible for it.

Yoji was having one of his ‘Asuka’ conversations (aka talking to himself). He stopped when Tsuji came out of the shower. She gave him a glass of Auslechen wine that was supposed to take away one’s memories. With that, she decided to bring Yoji somewhere nice. 

In Kouda, Aya was helping Asami in organizing a cultural festival. Shyly, she asked Aya out (warm fuzzy background music). He agreed. When she left, Aya called Ken to come out from his hiding place. At some place safe, Ken informed Aya that the Takatori might use the Crashers against them. Aya crudely told him to get to the point. Ken wanted to know why Aya disobeyed Persia’s orders. Aya asked him why was he still in Weiss. Ken thought his reason might be the same as his and repeated his question. Aya deduced that his identity was exposed some time ago. He was about to leave when Ken stopped him. He burst out, saying that Aya disobeyed Persia so that he could leave Weiss permanently. Aya replied vaguely, leaving Ken confused.

Sena tailed Shimojima to an empty sport stadium, unaware that it was trap set up by Suika & Sagiri. They were disappointed that Sena did not bring in the rest of Weiss. Meanwhile, Tsuji brought Yoji to her secret lab. Although stunned by the technology, he was perceptive enough to detect his cover was already blown. She offered him a tempting opportunity that was to have his memories altered and start a new life. He refused. She asked if he truly loved her. Yoji tried to evade the question but Tsuji’s persistence (plus showing the bruises on her neck) caused him to have another breakdown. She taunted him that his love for all the women he met was simply a lie to deceive himself against one daunting truth. He could never love anyone again.

Back at the stadium, the Z-class gave Sena a brutal thrashing till Aya appeared (one might wonder how he knew where Sena was). Suika got slashed and Sagiri has a taste of his own medicine. Before his defeat, Sagiri saw an image of Aya covered in blood, beyond any hope for redemption.



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