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Episode synopsis 9 - 12

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Last Mission 9Mellow Candle [top]

Suika & Sagiri were both in critical condition but Tsuji decided to dispose them. Meanwhile, Epitaph ordered Shimojima to remain low till further notice. The Weiss boys finally learnt about Sena’s tragic past. He was Takeru Kisaragi the son of Fumie Kisaragi, the principal of Kisaragi school before it was changed to Kouda Academy. After the murder of his family, Fumie disappeared without a trace. Persia believed Eszett was behind this, hence, explained his risky decision in enrolling Sena into Weiss. Yoji remarked that Sena’s life would be better if he hadn’t remembered that fateful incident. Aya sensed an underlying meaning from him.

As promised, Aya went out with Asami. Later, he bought her the organizer that she was looking at earnestly at a shop. She gave a brief history about her father who was a teacher whose characteristics resembled Aya’s (warm fuzzy background music).  

Epitaph commanded Tsuji to contact Rosenkreuz in Germany to dispatch their people to Japan. Tsuji’ protests were ignored. Meanwhile, more info was gathered on Shimojima. He came to Japan three years before the Kisaragi incident and was involved in the establishment of Kouda. It was now Omi’s turn to make the next move. Decide as Omi Tsukiyono or Mamoru Takatori.

Ken & Sena had no leads on Shimojima’s whereabouts. Aya requested Ken to spy on the school director, the only person whom they had yet to investigate. Unknown to Weiss, Yoji was getting influenced by Tsuji’s proposition. Meanwhile, Sagiri sacrificed his life to allow Suika to escape. Epitaph was notified and ordered her to be eliminated. While listening (somehow Weiss managed to tap into their phone line), Ken overheard Tsuji’s name.

After asking Aya to help out with the cultural festival preparations after school, Asami was on her way to somewhere else when she found Suika lying on the ground, unconscious. Meanwhile, Tsuji was furious to learn that Suika escaped with a diskette containing classified data. Knowing that would give Rosenkreuz an upper edge, she vowed to complete her project at all costs. Back at Kouda sickbay, Suika refused to see anyone except Aya. Asami promised to find him, leaving her with her organizer as a temporarily keepsake. Unluckily, she was unable to find him since he was looking for Yoji (the minute Sena updated him on Ken’s latest report). She bumped into Tsuji. Fearing for Suika’s condition, she decided to tell her.

Inside the art room, Yoji tried to destroy Tsuji’s portrait but couldn’t. The door opened. Yoji turned around, thinking it was Tsuji. Instead, it was Aya. At the rooftop, Aya confronted him about his relationship with Tsuji. Yoji replied vaguely and gave him a cold shoulder. After that, Aya learnt from the students that Asami cancelled the meeting and was currently with Tsuji.

Sena joined Ken in his surveillance on Kouda school director. Although word had it that she was a busy person, Ken had never seen her physically leaving the office at all. Looking closely at the screen, Sena had a shock for the school director bore similar features like his mother.

At the sickbay, Tsuji immediately set to work in killing Suika, including Asami. Down the hallway, Aya heard screams. By the time he arrived, it was too late. Tsuji escaped. As he held Asami in his arms, he saw a diskette hidden in her organizer. 




Last Mission 10 - Velvet Underground [top]

Tsuji did some analytical simulations her project against Weiss, Crashers & Rosenkreuz, during which she stumbled upon Yoji’s background. Meanwhile, Omi was trying to reason with his grandfather who refused to see him. While his bodyguards kept Omi occupied, his grandfather contacted Queen, the liaison for the Crashers. From the airport, Shimojima picked up the Rosenkreuz whose powers proven to be abnormal.

It was early morning and the Weiss boys were waiting for Omi’s (aka Persia) transmission. To their surprise, Omi personally came in. He explained that he could no longer live as Omi Tsukiyono. The path for him would be completely different from them. He warned that he would spare no one who dared to harm the Takatori family. Therefore, for the last time as Omi, his mission was to destroy Eszett’s base and execute Shimojima & Tsuji. Everyone joined him but Yoji seemed hesitant.

Delighted at the near completion of her project, Tsuji deemed that no one (not even Epitaph) could stop her. Little did she know that her simulation was incomplete for the computer requested for a name to be included into the input – Schwarz.

Although displeased with their orders, the Crashers had already positioned themselves. Outside Eszett’s base, the Weiss boys (Aya, Yoji, Ken, Sena & Omi – this scene was very cool and stylish) gathered. [Btw, the new version of Velvet Underground (the opening theme song for the season 1) was played, during which Aya cut off his pretty braid. Awww!!!!] Shimojima & his Z-class were ready for them. They fought but Shimojima grew impatient, wiped out his gun and shot at Aya. Shockingly, the bullet stopped, suspending in mid-air. There was only one person who could do that – Ngai Naoe (Schwarz’s lethal telekinetic). At the rooftops above, Schwarz’s remaining two members, Crawford & Schuldich were watching.

Observing the situation from the lab, RosenKreuz wanted to confront Ngai (Four of their members were killed by him), snubbing Tsuji’s decision to protect her project (An adult version of Todo was sleeping inside an incubator). Nagi disposed the Z-class like waste. Overwhelmed at his defeat, Shimojima shot himself in the head. Aya was about to deal with Nagi when Omi intervened. Surprisingly, he was working for Omi (“It’s long story,” said Omi) though Nagi coldly remarked he did not come to help them.

The Weiss boys were about to resume the mission when Yoji turned on Aya. Omi and Sena were stunned. Ken tried to talk some sense into Yoij but he refused to listen. There was no way he was turning down Tsuji’s offer. He had enough of Weiss (Omi was saddened to hear this) and wanted to end it all. He questioned if Aya too had the same wish as him.

Silently, Aya raised his katana (sword in Japanese), signaling their inevitable showdown.





Last Mission 11 – Piece of Heaven  [top]

While Aya dealt with Yoji, Ken, Sena & the reluctant Omi continued their mission. Tsuji was pleased at where they were heading but not the Rosenkreuz for their main priority was to protect Epitaph. Spitting the workload among themselves, one confronted Nagi, the other Weiss and the last one (Berger) to protect Epitaph.    

Ken, Sena & Omi were no match for the Rosenkreuz fighter whose power was the fire element. However, Schuldich interrupted and took on the Rosenkreuz himself. Telepathically, the Rosenkreuz informed Berger. Deducing that Schwarz posed a threat, Epitaph decided to leave. While leaving, they encountered the Weiss boys. Berger ordered Epitaph’s bodyguards to go on without him. Sena was stunned for Epitaph was his mother, Fumie Kisaragi.

Outside, the Crashers hoped that Aya would get their warning message (they input a time delay between two detonators - the first was a warning before the real one). The first detonator set off, disrupting Aya & Yoji’s fight. Feeling the tremor, Omi heard a voice telling him to strike on his left. He did and unknowingly broke Berger’s trance. The voice belonged Crawford and he was hell-bent to terminate Berger. However, Berger trapped him in his mind dimension where Crawford was unable to use his powers. Getting up from the rumbles, Aya realized that the Crashers had completed their mission. Still, he went to look for Yoji. Once again, Ken, Sena & Omi continued their mission but were stopped by Epitaph’s bodyguards.

Aya stumbled upon Tsuji’s laboratory and found Todo sleeping in an incubator. Tsuji explained that she wasn’t Epitaph. She was a low-ranking scientist until her creation of god-like human beings. Meanwhile Yoji was at some other part of the laboratory where he discovered Tsuji’s inhuman creations. Then, he overheard Tsuji offering Aya a chance to restart his life. Aya strongly refused. To him, to live without memories was as good as being dead soulless being. At that moment, Yoji ‘saw’ Asuka (or it’s another mind trick of his) who told him to live on. Again, Tsuji tried to sway Aya. Seeing that she couldn’t, Tsuji attacked him. Yoji interfered, recommending to let him take care of Tsuji while Aya catch up with the rest.

Meanwhile, the fight between Rosenkreuz and Schwarz grew more intense.

While Ken, Omi & Sena fought with Epitaph’s bodyguards, Aya arrived just in time to kill one of them. Seizing the opportunity, Sena came off. Quickly, Omi told Aya to go after Sena while he and Ken finished off the rest. Tsuji was giving Yoji a thrashing until she heard the incubator beeping. The seal opened and Todo awoke.

Panting, Sena ran into a room and saw his mother. Beset with emotions, he tried to talk to her. Shockingly, she raised a gun and shot him. He fell to the ground with a bullet wound in his chest.






Last Mission 12Epitaph   [top]

Angered, Aya demanded to know why did Fumie choose to shoot her own son. Oddly, Fumie gradually remembered Sena. Realizing what she had done, she went berserk. It was too late. Sena was dead.

Luring his Rozenkreuz opponent to the rooftop, Nagi used his telekinetic powers and had her electrocuted to death. Then, he telepathically contacted Schuldich and helped him killed his Rozenkreuz opponent through illusions. Afterwards, he freed Crawford from Berger’s mind dimension and trapped Berger into Crawford’s mind dimension. With the tables turned, Crawford and Farello (whose presence in Crawford’s mind dimension was not explained) finished off Berger.    

Tsuji’s new version of Todo awoke. With his unexplainable supernatural powers, he easily beat up Yoji. Tsuji was very delighted.

Guilt-ridden, Fumie begged Aya to kill her. Then, a voice spoke out (whom Fumie addressed it as Epitaph), ordering her to eliminate Aya. Apparently, it seemed that Epitaph had been mind-controlling Fumie all along. Grudgingly, Aya fulfilled her wish. In her last moments, she asked Sena for forgiveness. Looking up at the towering computer ‘blocks’, Epitaph’s identity was finally revealed – Epitaph was not human but a mega computer system!?!

After killing the remaining bodyguards, Ken & Omi caught up with Aya (both were saddened by Sena’s death). Tsuji & Todo just arrived. Arrogantly, Tsuji explained that Fumie was a mere ‘body’ for Epitaph. Now that she had Todo, she could input Epitaph’s valuable info data into him. However, according to Epitaph’s programming of the Eszett Code, it was forbidden. Thus, Epitaph declared Tsuji a traitor. By then, Tsuji couldn’t be bothered. When she finished transferring Epitaph’s knowledge into Todo’s god-like body, the world would be at her mercy. But before that, she had to deal with Aya, Ken & Omi first.

The real detonator was about to explode and the Crashers saw no signs of the Weiss boys. It went off and the Eszett building began to collapse. Epitaph started to commence a system shutdown. Quickly, Tsuji rushed to salvage the data. Seeing his chance, Ken caught hold of Todo while Aya stabbed him. (Ken was injured in the process) Screaming at the pain, Todo went mad and unleashed his powers at maximum level. By a freaky twist of luck, Todo’s body was unable to accommodate, resulting him to be blown to oblivion. Tsuji remained undaunted by the setback. As long as she had her cloning data, Todo could be remade. Another tremor came along. Suddenly, she reminded she had left her data at the laboratory. She ran back. Aya gave chase. Quickly, Omi planted a virus into Epitaph’s database, forcing it to self-destruct. Tsuji was too late. The lab was in a wreck. Yoji held her data diskette and destroyed it in front of her eyes. Maddened, Tsuji attacked him. Aya came in just in time to throw Yoji his sword that he used to slay Tsuji. Heavily injured, Yoji told the others to leave first. Omi was in tears.

Using a helicopter, the Crasher whisked Omi & Ken to safety. Omi informed Rex that Eszett’s Japan Branch was completely annihilated and ordered an emergency operation for Ken. Weakly, Ken told him that he believed that Aya would bring Yoji back to them.Under a Sakura tree, Aya watched Eszett burnt to the ground. A sad and pained look was on his face. 





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