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Angel Sanctuary 

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Story (created by Kaori Yue) 


When it comes to angels, demons and reincarnations, there can't be a plot more complex & tragic than Kaori Yue's Angel Sanctuary. In the heavenly realms,  an angel named Alexial led the demons against the angels (headed by her twin brother, Rociel). Alexial managed to seal Rociel within the Earth's core but she was defeated and cursed to immeasurable reincarnations,  each ending in a horrible death. The curse continued onwards till she was reincarnated into Setsuna Modou, a young disoriented boy from a broken family. His only happiness were his sister, Sara (whom he secretly fell deeply in love with) and his best friend, Kira, a extremely streetwise punk.


Unknown to Setsuna, Princess Kurai of the Gehena Demon kingdom & her cousin, Arakune have vowed to awaken the Alexial within him in hopes to fulfill the victory that Alexial had promised them. Despite their life-threatening attempts, Alexial remained dormant in Setsuna. However, Rociel's most loyal servant, Katan had broken the seal that once entrapped Rociel. Now freed, Rociel set out to make Alexial his forever. Even more so, when he found out Setsuna's heart was set on Sara. With a formulated drug that turns human into ghouls,  the jealous Rociel uses them on Setsuna's school mates to attack Sara & Kira, forcing Setsuna to become Alexial. 


The situation worsened when Setsuna discovered the truth about Kira's identity & the linkage between him & Rociel. Hurt & confused, Setsuna sought comfort in Sara who confessed her love towards him. Together, the siblings eloped to another place in hopes for a fresh start in life. However, the cruel twist of fate set them apart when Katan decided to take matters into his own hands. Heartbroken by Sara's death, Setsuna unleashed Alexial's powers, defeated Rociel and nearly destroyed the whole earth had it not been for Kira who brought him back to his senses. 


Suddenly, the earth stood at a standstill. At that moment, Adam Kadmon (the next highest creation next to god) appeared and explained to Setsuna that he was destined to complete what Alexial had started. In order to do that, Setsuna would have to go to the heavenly realms and find him for he's currently imprisoned.  For him to do that, Setsuna had to die physically for Adam had enough power to send his spirit to Hades. Setsuna agreed on the condition that he brings Sara's soul back to Earth.  


This 90mins ova is rather short and leaves you terribly unsatisfied. The good news that the manga has been completed and you can slowly read it till you understand its cobweb complexity.  With the angst theme, abnormal love-hate relationships and heartrending deaths, you will ponder over the author's view on Heaven & Hell. 








| Setsuna Mudou | sara mudou | Nanatsusaya |

| alexial | rociel | katan | kurai | arakune | adam kadmon | kira sakuya |  




Setsuna Mudou


A troubled teenager like him coping with bullies, divorced parents and inability in expressing his love towards Sara, Setsuna will definitely does not need an addition burden of the knowledge that he's the reincarnation of Alexial. Nevertheless, he has a kind heart & always look forward for a brighter future.       top  back



sara mudou


The sweet loving  'damsel in distress'. Sara too loves Setsuna & wants to his guardian angel. She finally fulfills her promise during Setsuna's fight with Katan. (spoiler: In the later books of the manga, Sara is resurrected) top back



Nanatsusaya (under the name of kira)


Composed, Nanatsusaya faithfully followed Alexial in her numerous reincarnations and eventually managed to break the curse (read the manga). If it wasn't for his mental support, Setsuna would have a permanent nervous breakdown. Nanatsusaya was actually  killed during one of the heavenly battles but he became an immortal spirit after Rociel gave him his blood in the form of a pendant (see Setsuna's pics). Due to the lack of a physical body,  Nanatsusaya borrowed Kira's body. (Spoiler: According to the magna, Nanatsusaya is the reincarnation of Lucifer.)   top back




The three-winged angel who turned against Heaven. Her punishment was to have her psychical body imprisoned and her soul reincarnated endlessly. To the demons, she's the messiah. To the angels, she's a dangerous threat and they would do anything to prevent her resurrection.  (Spoiler: She's in love with Lucifer)  top back






A sickly twisted twin brother of Alexial, Rociel is disgustingly vain and considered himself as the most beautiful angel in Heaven. Jealous of Alexial's choice of Sara over him, he badly desired her dead as well as Setsuna.  top back





Originated as lowly life form, Rociel (for some reason) decided to give him a body & 'adopted' him. Faithful, caring and with deep admiration for Rociel,  Katan truly wants to end Rociel's suffering and blames Setsuna for it. During the fight, he unintentionally killed Sara. (Spoiler: Rociel has a special feeling for Katan... in his own way...) top  back







When the angels burned Gehena kingdom to ruins, Kurai was saved by Alexial who promised to lead her people to victory. After finding Alexial's physical body, she proceed on to find Alexial's soul. Though her loyalty to Alexial was great, she soon developed a crush on Setsuna. top   back 






A cross dresser, Arakune too seek for Alexial's body & soul & is like a big brother for Kurai. (Spoiler:  He's a spy for the Mad Hatter, one of the demons who declared the Gehena people as traitors for they do not worship Lucifer).  top back




adam kadmon


A mysterious holy saint, Adam is the second highest creation next to god. For some political reasons, he was imprisoned. (Spoiler: Alexial & Rociel are created from his blood).  top   back



kira sakuya 


The real Kira who died in a car accident years ago. He agreed to let Nanatsusaya use his body on the condition that he would be rebellious and make his father hate him. Kira existed spiritually and appeared every now & then, especially during times when Nanatsusaya was feeling sad.  top