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Yami no Matsuei (created by Matsushita Youko)

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In the world of life after death (like Hades), there is an organization known as the Juou Agency that judges the sins of the decreased. A section of the Agency named the 'Enma Division' has a group of people whose duties are to guide the lost souls into this world as well as investigating causes of unnatural deaths. These people are known as 'Shinigami' or 'gods of death'.

This 13 episodes animation focus mainly on Tsuzuki Asato & his new partner, Hisoka Kurosaki. Together, they solve the cases of unnatural deaths and unlocked the secrets of their dark past lives. Like all stories, whenever there is good, there must be evil. For the duo, theirs is Muraki Kazutaka, a sadistic doctor who loves to manipulate & kill people for pleasure. 

This animation simply has lots of tragic stories, gothic settings and strong yaoi (gay) implications since the main characters are entirely men who are so damn good looking!  (Also emphasizing how cool it is to wear trench coats!)

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長崎 (Nagasaki) Episode 1 Ė 3 (Based on Volume 1 of the manga) Click here for screen caps!

At the Juou Agency, Konoe (the boss of Enma Division), Tatsumi (secretary), Watari (doctor/scientist) and the Gushoushin brothers (intelligent chicken-like creatures) were having a meeting about their recent case, which was about a serial of murders caused by a vampire. Konoe was about to send his best agent (who had been empolyed for 70 years), Tsuzuki to the area when he discovered that he hadnít return from his lunch break (because he was at some outlet buying sweet desserts).

As Ďpunishmentí for his absence, Tsuzukiís dessert was divided into 5 pieces (Tsuzuki was very distressed over it). Soon the meeting was resumed and Tsuzuki was filled in with the details of the murder case and the recent reports that there were many unnatural deaths (meaning people dying before their time in unnatural states such as being killed by vampires).  Tatsumi explained that beside the lifespan book (a book that records the names of the decreased) kept in the House of Candles (the candles represented the lives of the living), there was another book known as the ĎDeath Rankí that recorded the names of those who died in accidents or murders. It was the duty of the Enma Division to prevent the people in the world of the living from dying from unnatural deaths. Without delay, Konoe sent Tsuzuki and one of the Gushoushin brothers to Nagasaki where he would meet his new partner.

At Nagasaki, Tsuzuki bumped into a beautiful white haired woman with red eyes. She immediately ran away from him. Then, Gushoushin gave a cry because he found a dead man in an alley. Seeing the bite wound on his neck, Tsuzuki realized that the white-haired woman was the vampire herself. Giving chase, Tsuzuki aimlessly ran all over town till he reached a church. Walking inside, he met a man (dressed in white) kneeling in front of the altar. The man got up, his face streaked with tears. Tsuzuki (feeling uncomfortable) bluntly asked him if he had seen a white-haired woman coming across the area. The man replied he hadnít. Tsuzuki thanked him and left. While he was leaving, the man stared lustfully at him.

Tsuzuki sighed for losing the vampire. Then, someone placed a gun upon his back. The stranger coldly told him to turn around. Tsuzuki did and was surprised to see a teenaged boy. The boy instantly accused Tsuzuki to be the vampire despite his loud protests. Luckily for Tsuzuki, Gushoushin appeared and recognized the boy to be Tsuzukiís new partner, Hisoka Kurosaki. 

At a restaurant, Tsuzuki attempted to make friends with Hisoka but was put off by his cold attitude. Hisoka's  decision to work for Juou Agency was because Konoe told him that Tsuzuki was the best Shinigami. Gushoushin immediately burst out laughing at Hisokaís naivety and told him that though it was the rule that Shinigami had to work in pairs, the real fact was nobody wanted to work with Tsuzuki. Hisoka was very mad when he heard this but paused when Tsuzuki calmly took his dumpling and ate it. Hisoka decided to do some payback and ate Tsuzukiís dumpling. Soon, the two fell into some food snatching competition. At the last dumpling, Hisoka managed to get it but Tsuzuki cunningly added mustard onto it. Due to the nasty taste, Hisoka unknowingly gulped down a glass of alcohol and passed out. In the end, poor Tsuzuki had to carry him to his apartment for the night. Tsuzuki felt that Hisoka was too cute & young to be a Shinigami and wondered Hisokaís true intentions.

Switching on a television, Tsuzuki watched the Nagasaki Song Festival program whose host introduced Maria Wong, a singer from Hong Kong. At once, Tsuzuki saw the physical similarity between Maria and the female vampire.  He asked Gushoushin to do some research for him.

The next day, Hisoka woke up with a very bad hangover. The two proceed on to a TV station where Maria was reported to be working at. According to the Gushoushin, the serial murders begun since the day Maria came to Japan. The two then teleported to Mariaís dressing room where they found the place an entire mess. Touching the door handle, Hisoka (gifted with empathy psychic abilities) visioned Maria at a warehouse.

Like Hisoka had seen, Maria was at the warehouse, seducing a worker. Tsuzuki was immobilizing her when an ugly creature appeared out of nowhere and attacked the duo. Concentrating his powers, Tsuzuki called upon Suzaku and had the creature destroyed. The unknown attacker quietly walked away.

At the Juou Agency, the duo discovered that Maria Wong was already dead. Two months ago, she committed suicide after learning that her stepmother was only using her as a goldmine. However, someone had revived her back to life. The bad part was that Maria had to drain the blood of others in order to sustain herself.  Hisoka coldly told Tsuzuki that he would meet him at the 3p.m. at Jiyu Ten.

At the cafť, Tsuzuki was busily eating sweet desserts when he heard a scream. Running out of the cafť, Tsuzuki found a mother holding her unconscious child. Then, a man (the very same man that Tsuzuki met in the church) appeared and introduced himself as Muraki Kazutaka, a doctor from Tokyo hospital. After treating the child, Muraki told Tsuzuki that his beliefs that human were weak creatures that would succumb to Death no matter how skilled doctors were or how advanced medicinal treatments were.  Looking at Tsuzuki, Muraki found him a body of perfection and warned him to not to lose the people he cared about. Then, he left.

Tsuzuki (knowing that Hisoka had deliberately missed their appointment) found Hisoka trying to enter into the forbidden area of the library. Hisoka instantly held out a defensive wall around him, burning Tsuzukiís hand. Tsuzuki questioned if Hisoka really disliked working with him. Hisoka replied that he had empathy abilities and couldnít help synchronizing with others, especially when touched. Tsuzuki told him that the Shinigami always worked in pairs as a way of watching out for each other. Due to their strong desire to be part of the world of the living, Shinigami tend to do independent actions that often violated the rules of the Juou Agency. Still, he allowed Hisoka to do as he wished.

Later, Tsuzuki learnt from Gushoushin that Hisoka was born into a proud and noble family who was frightened of Hisokaís powers and had him locked up in solidarity, thus, explaining his anti-social attitude. Tsuzuki was saddened by it and hoped to make friends with Hisoka. Changing subject, Tsuzuki was looking for a way to sneak into the hotel where Maria was staying. Gushoushin spot a bellboy and had an idea.

Inside the hotel, Maria was intending to kill herself but Muraki (the man responsible for Mariaís revival) stopped her and controlled her mind. Outside, Tsuzuki (disguised as a bellboy) went into Mariaís room only to find it empty. Worried that she would find her next victim, Tsuzuki decided to set himself as bait. The plan worked but Muraki interfered (by arranging a spell formation in a church) and had Tsuzuki immobilized. Luckily for him, Hisoka sensed the evil spell formation and destroyed it, freeing Tsuzuki. Using talismans, Tsuzuki freed Maria from her vampire bondage. Maria was very grateful and was willing to accept any punishment for the lives she took. Nevertheless, she had one last request that was to perform for the last time. Unknown to them, Muraki was watching them with his eyes set on Hisoka.

At Mariaís last concert performance, Hisoka had a sudden flashback of his past, saw Muraki and followed him while Tsuzuki was absorbed with Mariaís singing. Soon, Tsuzuki realized that Hisoka was missing. Running desperately to find him, Tsuzuki stumbled across a pool of blood. Then, he remembered Murakiís words. When the Juou agency was informed of Hisokaís disappearance, Gushoushin told Tsuzuki that Hisoka died of an incurable disease caused by someone who had cursed him to death. Tsuzuki immediately went to find Mariaís stepmother and forced her to confess everything she knew about Muraki.

Inside a building, a bleeding Hisoka woke up to see Muraki, who told him that they had met 3 years ago. Hisoka sensed a disturbing sinful presence in him and became frightened. Muraki sadistically decided to make Hisoka remember that event and placed his hand on Hisokaís forehead. Hisoka screamed.

Later, Muraki gave a call to Tsuzuki and told him to go the place where they first met. After creating a bird-like creature, Tsuzuki sent it out to find Hisokaís location (with Gushoushin following it). Tsuzuki went to the church and found Muraki at the altar, praying. While Muraki was playing his time, Tsuzukiís thoughts were on Hisoka. At a cafť, Muraki revealed to Tsuzuki that he was the one who killed Hisoka. 3 years ago, Hisoka had witnessed him killing somebody. Seeing how beautiful and innocent Hisoka was, he decided that Hisoka should die by a more refined technique that was to curse him to die a slow and painful death. However, Hisoka was unable to remember because Muraki had erased his memories of that night. Tsuzuki became angered and demanded for Hisokaís release. Though Muraki intended to do so but he changed his mind. Seeing Tsuzukiís bird-like creature outside the window, Muraki left.

Following the bird-like creature, Tsuzuki found Hisoka, bleeding heavily. While he was untying Hisoka from his bonds, Muraki attacked him. Tsuzuki placed a shield barrier on Hisoka and fought back. Jealous of Hisoka, Muraki turned his attention on him. The shield barrier became weakened and Tsuzuki was forced to Hisokaís shield. Knowing that it would take time for his wounds to be healed, Tsuzuki asked Hisoka to synchronize with him. Hisoka agreed. Together, they summon Suzaku and destroyed Murakiís foul creatures. Muraki was delighted and was even more determined to have Tsuzukiís powers.

Some time later, Hisoka revealed to Tsuzuki that he chose to be a Shinigami was to find out who his murderer (after overhearing about it at his last posting) was. Though he knew that it wouldnít change anything, he had to know the truth. Hisoka was willing to let Tsuzuki terminate their partnership but Tsuzuki didnít want to. Then, Hisoka (rather emotionally) demanded to know why Tsuzuki chose to risk his life to save him and cared so much about him.

Tsuzuki straightforwardly replied, ďBecause you are my partner.Ē  top


悪魔のトリル (Devilís Trill) Episode 4 - 6 (Based on Volume 2) Click here for screen caps

Hijiri Minase had just recovered from his left eye transplant and was happy to be able to see again. Feeling grateful for the cornea donor, he asked the doctor for his name. The doctor replied that the cornea donor, Tetsuya Otonashi had passed away and his only daughter, Kazusa was living under the nuns in an orphanage. Hijiri went to the orphanage and made friends with Kazusa, promising to play his violin for her. However, deep down inside, Hijiri felt guilty about being alive and thought he had caused Otonashiís death.

At school, Hijiri had a huge welcome from his peers who were to see him perform a violin solo in the upcoming school concert. Still, there were some students who were jealous of his popularity. Hijiri ignored them completely. Then suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his left eye. Inside the sickbay, Hijiri met Tsuzuki (who was supposed to be the new school doctor). Unknown to him, a jealous student set fire to the music room where the violins were kept. Hijiri was devastated at the loss of his violin, which belonged to his late father. Seeing his distress, Kazusa gave him her fatherís violin. The moment Hijiri saw the violin, he felt connected to it.

The next day at school, Hijiri was challenged by the jealous students to play his new violin. Hijiri obliged and played the ĎDevilís Thrillí, astounding everyone. Soon, Hijiri began to look possessed and his left eye started to glow. At the sickbay, Tsuzuki was informed by some girls about Hijiriís behaviour and the history behind the ĎDevilís Thrillí. The ĎDevil Thrillí was composed by an Italian violinist who sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for wealth and fame. Upon hearing this, Tsuzuki seemed interested. Meanwhile, everyone in school was avoiding Hijiri, including Kazusa. Overwhelmed by fear, rejection and guilt, Hijiri decided to commit suicide.

When Hijiri awoke, he found himself inside a hospital. Tsuzuki and Hisoka appeared and introduced themselves as ĎShinigamií of Juou Agency. They told him that the violin that Hijiri had was actually the Devilís violin that absorbed the souls of their victims by driving them to commit suicide. Then, they read a passage from Tetsuya Otonashiís diary that indicated that Tetsuya had made a contract with the Devil in exchange for fame and wealth. To seal the contract, the Devil had its seal in the cornea of Tetsuyaís left eye, which was now in Hijiri. As Watari analyzed the seal, it revealed that in exchange for being a famous violinist, Tetsuya would have to give his daughterís life to the Devil.  However, since the Tetsuyaís cornea was in Hijiri, this meant that Tetsuya was literally considered as Ďstill aliveí and therefore, Kazusaís life had to be spared. Since the Devil would not deprive himself from his prize, he would do anything to kill Hijiri and get Kazusa.

Seeing Hijiriís expression, Tsuzuki tried to comfort him and promised to protect him. However, Hisoka had a different opinion and told Tsuzuki not to make promises he couldnít keep. While Watari & Gushoushin set themselves to work, Hisoka left the room. Walking along the hallway, Hisoka met Tatsumi who asked him how was he getting along with Tsuzuki. Hisoka replied that he felt Tsuzuki was too soft and naÔve for a Shinigami. Tatsumi quietly told him that Tsuzuki had always been honest to himself. Though they two may have different characteristics, they will become great partners.

Later, Tsuzuki told Hijiri that it would be best for him to stay at Juou Agency till the whole matter had cleared. Hijiri protested and insisted to be allowed to continue his school life (since he didnít want to miss the school concert). Tsuzuki reluctantly agreed and became to his Ďbodyguardí. Like everyone had feared, all sorts of life-threatening events were happening to Hijiri. Soon, Hijiri realized that he had no choice but to stay at Juou Agency for his own safety. Before they do that, Tsuzuki & Hisoka accompanied him to the orphanage to fetch Kazusa. At the orphanage, Kazusa apologized to Hijiri for her behaviour the other day because she had seen a fierce-looking winged-dog with him. Based on her descriptions, the winged dog happened to the bridge commander of the satanic world, Sargatanis, who wants Kazusa due to her ability to see demons in their true forms.

Late at night, Hijiri brought Kazusa to the school concert hall, saying he hoped to fulfill the promise that he had made to her on the first day they met. While playing his violin, Sargatanis appeared and was about to kill Hijiri when Tsuzuki attacked him (with one of his 12 shikigami, Byakko). During the fight, Sargatanis bit Tsuzuki on his left shoulder before it was blown away by Byakko.

Instantly, Watari gave a physical examination check on Tsuzuki, explaining that he had to look for a parasite that might be left behind since Sargatanis didnít have a physical form and would always need to find host to sustain him.  Hijiri was worried for Tsuzuki but Tsuzuki insisted on heís fine. But as soon as he was left the others, Sargatanis started to possess his body and placed a black X (the mark of all those who had fallen from the grace of god) on the back of Tsuzukiís left shoulder, transforming him into an angel with black wings. The possessed Tsuzuki then proceed on to take a huge knife with him.

Back at Tsuzukiís apartment, Hisoka and Hijiri were back from their sightseeing trip (of Juou Agency & the surroundings as Hijiri had to return to the world of the living the next day). Hijiri was about to approach Tsuzuki when Hisoka stopped him. Inside the bathroom, Tsuzuki struggled to gain control of himself but Sargatanis was too strong for him, Sargatanis intended to make Tsuzuki kill all those he cared about. After his bath, Tsuzuki (still possessed) went into Hijiriís room and told him that he wanted his body as payment for saving him. Within seconds, Tsuzuki hacked Hijiri, gouged out his left eye (the one with the contract) and said his contract had expired.

At Juou Agency, Hisoka reported to Konoe, Tatsumi and Watari that Sargatanis had possessed Tsuzukiís body based on the evidences that showed Tsuzukiís personality changes. Before they could act, Tsuzuki attacked the agency (with his shikigamis, Suzaku and Byakko) and demanded Kazusa to be brought to him, as Hijiri was now dead. Hijiri appeared, shocking Sargatanis. It turned out that Hisoka had switched places with Hijiri (since they uncannily looked similar).

To save Tsuzuki, Hisoka decided to use the spirit-binding spell despite the potential danger towards the user.  Sargatanis fought back and broke the spell, injuring Hisoka. Sargatanis revealed that he intend to make Tsuzuki hurt his friends. In addition, he had been into Tsuzukiís memories, especially on the night that Tsuzuki had done a sinful deed that would condemn him for eternity.  Using the events of that condemned night, Sargatanis had trapped Tsuzuki in a mind dimension that would drive Tsuzuki to his death. Hisoka remained undaunted and he used the spirit-binding spell again.

In Sargatanisí mind dimension, Tsuzuki was overwhelmed with guilt and was begging for forgiveness. Sargatanis continued to taunt him that his sins would never be forgiven and everyone had forsaken him. Then, an image of Hijiri appeared in front of Tsuzuki, who told him that he didnít care about Tsuzukiís past. He was grateful for Tsuzukiís effects in protecting him and that was all that mattered. Encouraged by Hijiri, Tsuzuki regained control of his mind and overcame Sargatanis, allowing Hisoka to draw out Sargatanis from his body. As Sargatanis merged from Tsuzukiís body, Suzaku and Byakko attacked him, causing lots & lots of destruction. The last thing Hijiri remembered was Kazusa running towards him.

Hijiri awoke and found himself in the medicinal bay. Watari sadly told him that Hijiri was nearly crushed under a falling debris had not been for Kazusa who pushed him away. Unfortunately, Kazusa had died in the process. Meanwhile, Tsuzuki felt guilty for nearly causing Hijiriís death despite his promise to protect him. Hijiri told him that it was all right and it didnít matter. Hugging Tsuzuki, Hijiri asked him to attend the school concert.

At the school, concert, Hijiri played ĎThe Devilís Thrillí beautifully and received an astounding ovation from the audience. Standing at the back were Hisoka & Tsuzuki  (carrying Kazusa). Tsuzuki commented that he didnít know that ĎThe Devilís Thrillí was a beautiful violin solo. Hisoka replied that the fallen angels were once talented musicians who could produce great works of music.

After the concert, Hijiri received a basket of flowers with a nameless card in it. Hijiri smiled and knew that Hisoka & Tsuzuki were at the concert. With renewed strength, Hijiri hoped to see them again and promised to dedicate all his music works to them.    top




ドのK (Sword of K) Episode 7 -  9 (Based on Volume 3)   Click here for screen caps!

In the House of Candles, the owner Count Hakusoku (an invisible man with half a mask & white gloves) was viewing pictures of Tsuzuki (which he had secretly taken with his spy cameras) when his butler was frantically pointing at some candles that had mysteriously lengthen themselves.

At Juou Agency, Tsuzuki was about feast himself with cream cakes when Gushoushin appeared and reported that he and Hisoka were needed in Konoeís office. Konoe briefed the duo that agency believed that individuals of the organization, Kukouyin, were increasing their lifespan through unnatural methods. Their mission was to infiltrate their cruise ship (that was heading to Hong Kong), Queen Camellia at port Hakata and investigate the mastermind behind it. Tsuzuki moaned over the loss of his cakes (which Tatsumi & Konoe were going to eat them on Ďhisí behalf).

At the Queen Camellia, Tsuzuki & Hisoka infiltrated the ship successfully as a casino dealer and a VIP by the name of Azumi Hibiki respectively. At the casino, Tsuzuki took note of the potential suspects besides the owner, Kukouyin, Shouzou Wakabayashi (a politican), Kanako Houjou (actress), Tetsushiro (a medicinal student & heir to Abiko pharmaceutical industry). Meanwhile Hisoka left the casino and bumped into the ownerís daughter, Tsubaki Kukouyin (whose nickname is Tsubaki-Hime since she loves camellia (Tsubaki in Japanese)).  The two soon became friends after a dance.

Tsuzuki tried to sneak into the VIP rooms but was stopped by the security guards. Things didnít look good for him till someone ordered the guards to leave. That someone turned out to be Muraki. Tsuzuki instantly took him as the prime suspect. However, Muraki remained very nonchalant. Before he left, he revealed his purpose in Queen Camellia. He happened to be Tsubakiís personal doctor.  Hisoka was very shocked to hear this from Tsubaki (who madly idolized Muraki and thought of him as an angel). At that moment, Muraki entered the room. Hisoka looked at Muraki very hostilely. Meanwhile, Tsuzuki was walking along the hallway when he overheard Kukouyin having a dispute with Wakabayashi.

The next day, Wakabayashi was found dead in his chair, surrounded by candles with an envelope addressed to Tsubaki. According to Murakiís autopsy reports (Tsuzuki & Hisoka were forced to play along since he canít let Muraki exposed their true identities), Wakabayashi was killed by poison and his heart was removed. The card in the envelope was a tarot card, Ace of Wards that was placed in an upright position, which meant Ďthe beginningí. The actress, Kanako strongly believed Kukouyin was the murderer. Strangely, Tetsushiro believed that the murderer was the rumoured female ghost who haunted Queen Camellia for years.

Later, Muraki brought Tsuzuki a bouquet of red roses and asked him to play a game of poker with him based on the conditions that Tsuzuki would have to spend the night with him if he loses.  However, if Muraki loses, he will give them information about the female ghost. Unfortunately, Tsuzuki lost (Muraki smiled very happily). Muraki was about to claim his prize (Tsuzuki went hysterical) when Hisoka interrupted and challenged Muraki who agreed.  

Muraki tried to dampen Hisokaís concentration but Hisoka remained very composed and won Muraki (Tsuzuki rejoiced).  Like a perfect gentleman, Muraki told them that a woman named Irene had disappeared while being on Queen Camellia years ago. Tsuzuki doubted his words. Unexpectedly, Muraki asked them what they would do if he was the next victim.

The following day, a frightened Tsubaki was banging hard on Hisokaís door. She told them that Muraki did not appear for her regular medicinal checkup and she couldnít open his room door. They rushed over, forced opened the door and found Muraki, lying on a bed of roses, dead.

Tsubaki fainted and Hisoka had to carry her to her room. While she was resting, she accidentally touched Hisoka by the hand, allowing him to see rapid and distorted flashbacks of her past. The flashbacks were too much for Hisoka to handle, causing him to blackout. Tsuzuki later came into Tsubakiís room and found Hisoka unconscious.  Meanwhile Tetsushiro examined Murakiís body. Like Wakabayashi, Muraki was also poisoned except for 2 things Ė his heart was not torn out and the tarot card was Sword of King that was ripped in two.

Inside his own room, Tsuzuki asked Gushoushin to investigate the link between the numbers of missing souls (because after one dies, his soul is supposed to be in the world of afterlife) with Queen Camelliaís cruise trips, the missing woman, Irene and lastly, the significance of the tarot cards. Hisoka awoke at that time and decided to go to the deck and get some fresh air. Walking down the hallway, he saw Tsubaki in Murakiís room. Tsubaki was very upset over Murakiís death but Hisoka wasnít and said describing Muraki, as an angel, was an insult. Tsubaki instantly slapped him.

At the bar counter, Tsuzuki saw Kanako wearing Wakabayashiís ring. After a mini conversation, Hisoka entered, looking very distress over hurting Tsubakiís feelings. Tsuzuki offered to help patch up things between the two. Sooner than expected, Kanako was found dead in her clothes truck, poisoned, her heart ripped out and a tarot card inside an envelope. Tsuzuki saw Wakabayashiís ring and secretly took it. Then, he thought of Kukouyin and rushed over to his room. It was already too late for Kukouyin, too, was found hanging at the ceiling.  Tetsushiro panicked at the thought of becoming the next victim. Tsubaki fainted.

Tsuzuki (together with Gushoushin) analyzed the significance of the tarot cards, (Wakabayashi) Ace of wands, in an upright position Ė Ďthe beginningí of a serial murder; (Muraki) Sword of King, ripped in two Ė Ďadvisorí or cruel maní; (Kanako) 6 of pentacles Ė Ďtake a bribeí, meaning Wakabayashiís ring; (Kukouyin) 7 of wands, in an upside down position Ė Ďblackmailí. Frustrated, Tsuzuki held the Wakabayashiís ring slightly too hard that it broke to pieces, revealing a microchip.

Inside Tsubakiís room, Hisoka apologized to Tsubaki who forgave him. Then, she questioned about his relationship with Muraki and his intense hostility towards him. Hisoka revealed his true identity as a Shinigami and Muraki had made him a long and agonizing death. Tsubaki felt that she and Hisoka would never be able to escape from Muraki since he had heavily affected them both.   

At that moment, Muraki awakened. 


Hisoka and Tsubaki went up to the upper deck and resumed their conservation. Tsubaki told Hisoka that Irene was her childhood friend adopted by her father in Hong Kong. During the cruise trip back to Japan, Irene had disappeared. Afterwards, Hisoka escorted Tsubaki back to her room. As he was returning to his own suite, he felt Murakiís presence.

Inside his suite, Tsuzuki & Gushoushin were busily analyzing more data. Tsuzuki insisted Hisoka to rest since he looked terrible. Hisoka obliged and fell asleep but was quickly awakened as soon as he dreamt about Muraki. Gushoushin excitedly exclaimed at the intense amount of information stored in Wakabayashiís microchip. Opening a file, they found a blueprint of the shipís structure. At the lower cargo deck section, there was a huge X marked on it. Following the directions, Tsuzuki & Hisoka found a hidden operation room. Inside, they found glass jars containing human organs.

Then, Tsubaki appeared and attacked the duo. Hisoka immediately disarmed her. Tsubaki claimed to be Irene, for it was her heart that was inside Tsubakiís body. Irene revealed that she was an orphan who earned her living by selling flowers. She thought her life would change for the better when Tsubakiís father adopted her. It turned out that Kukouyin was selling organs illegally under the disguise of a cruise ship. So, she was killed and her heart transplanted into Tsubakiís body.  Filled with revenge, Irene decided to kill them Ė Wakabayashi & Kanako, for blackmailing Tsubakiís father for their own selfish needs; Muraki, for performing the transplant knowing full well that it was her heart; Kukouyin was deliberately set to the last because she wanted him to suffer under the torment of fear. Irene was about to expose the true blackmailer and mastermind of the illegal organs when Muraki shot her from behind.

Muraki then admitted that he was the true mastermind, just as the tarot card, K of Swords had described him Ė the advisor & cruel murderer. Tsubaki was often ill due to her weak heart condition and her father, Kukouyin, was getting desperate. As an opportunist, Muraki proposed to Kukouyin to build a ship in his search for the best heart that would save Tsubakiís life. Kukouyin agreed and many innocent people were killed in the process. Soon, it turned out that Irene was the best candidate. After Irene was killed, Kukouyin decided to withdraw but Muraki cleverly blackmailed him and told Tsubaki the truth about Ireneís disappearance. Using Tsubakiís guilt, Muraki influenced her into believing that Irene was still alive every time she took her medicine (that was used to reduce the problem of Tsubakiís body rejecting Ireneís heart). With Tsubakiís spilt personality as Irene, he used her to kill Kukouyin, Wakabayashi & Kanako.

Tsubaki returned to herself and confessed her love for Muraki. Harshly, Muraki said Tsubaki had no more use to him and the shinigamisí presence only served to amuse him. Then, an explosion was heard. Muraki calmly said he had planned to sink the ship to tie up any loose ends. As he left, Tsuzuki chased after him. The dying Tsubaki apologized to Hisoka (who couldnít understand why she choose to love Muraki who treated people like dolls that were meant to be thrown away once broken) for her love towards Muraki. Then, she requested him to kill her.

Tsuzuki chased Muraki to the upper deck where a helicopter was waiting for him. Muraki told him the main problem of transplanting human organs was that the body would naturally reject the transplanted organ. To solve this, the organs must be created by the cells of the same person & Muraki planned to do so at the expense on the lives of others. He found Tsuzukiís sensitivity towards peopleís deaths very entertaining. Still, he desired to have Tsuzuki to himself. Tsuzuki tried to capture but lost his balance when another bomb was set off, allowing Muraki to escape. Tsuzuki returned to the cargo deck where he found Hisoka in a daze.

Luckily for the duo, Tatsumi (operating a helicopter) arrived just in time to pick them up. While leaving the sinking ship, Hisoka remembered Tsubakiís last words to him (that he shouldnít be sad since he was someone who loves and cares for him). Heartbroken, he told Tsuzuki that he killed Tsubaki with Murakiís gun. Looking at bloodstained hands, Hisoka went straight into Tsuzukiís arms and wept bitterly.

Meanwhile, Muraki (probably far away from the shinigamis in his helicopter) held out a camellia and threw it into the seaÖ  top




京都 (Kyōto) Episode 10 Ė 13Based on Volume 7 & 8)  Click here for screen caps

In a hidden lab, Muraki was looking at a head, attached to many tubes in a body tank. Smiling, he hoped to see Tsuzuki soon. Meanwhile, at Juou Agency, Tsuzuki was having tea with Tatsumi. As he watched the Sakura petals being blown by the winds, he held his right wrist tightly. Later, Enma Division was having a meeting about their recent serial murder case. The common thing behind their murders was that part of the victimsí hair was cut off. Konoe assigned Tsuzuki & Hisoka to Kyōto to assign Watari. At Kyōto, Tsuzuki very specifically asked why Watari request for their assistance. Watari showed them a packet, inside, were strands of silver hair..

At a high school, 2 students, Maki and Mariko were discussing about Professor Satomi, who was rumoured to be involved in a research about cloning. At Kokakurou restaurant (a secret high class brothel that served politicians), Murakiís friend, Oriya, was concerned for Murakiís safety since the police had hard evidence (the strands of silver hair) against him. Muraki calmly replied that he did it to lure somebody.

Following a map of their temporary accommodation, Watari, Tsuzuki & Hisoka found themselves in a run-down place. Instantly, Tsuzuki blamed Tatsumi for being stingy with expenses. Hisoka went out shopping for dinner. On his way back, he saw a woman, lying in a pool of blood. Towering over her was Muraki with his white coat heavily stained with blood. Seeing Hisoka, Muraki said some sarcastic remarks especially about Tsubakiís death. Hisoka tried to attack him but Muraki proved to be stronger than him. He was about to taunt Hisoka on the night of his assault when Tsuzuki appeared. Muraki released Hisoka and told Tsuzuki to follow him. Tsuzuki decided to do so and told Hisoka that he would be all right.

At a restaurant, Muraki revealed that he was the one responsible for the serial killings. His reason for doing so was to lure Tsuzuki to him. However, Muraki refused to explain the purpose of cutting the victimsí hair. Angered, Tsuzuki attacked him but Muraki pined him (as easy as ABC) to the ground. Seeing the watch on Tsuzukiís right wrist, he slyly asked him if Tsuzuki had any scars to hide since it was an unusual thing for a right-hand man to place his watch on his right wrist, stunning Tsuzuki. Before leaving, Muraki said he would continue to kill people for as long as it takes to make Tsuzuki as his own.

Later, at night, Muraki was reading his late grandfatherís medicinal files about patient, who had lived without eating, drinking or sleeping for 8 years. In the 1st month of the year 1925, the patient attempted suicide but recovered even though the wounds were fatal. Days later, the patient fell into a coma. On the 9th day, on the snowy night of January 20, the patient gained conscious and killed himself. Unfortunately, Murakiís late grandfather was unable to save him. After reading, Muraki murmured that his patient would return soon. At Shonen University, Muraki showed Satomi (who happened to be his professor during university) an old photo that he had found among his late grandfatherís (who was very influential with the politicians and military, including national secrets) files. Satomi was excited yet disappointed since the patient had died 72 years ago. Muraki calmly said he found him, alive and well. The patient turned out to be Tsuzuki.

Meanwhile, Tsuzuki was very upset and blamed himself for causing the serial murder. At the basement of the Shonen University, Muraki stared the head (whom he named as Saki) inside the body tank. He promised to get Saki a new body. When thatís completed, Saki will die by his own hands.

The next day, Hisoka awoke with a nightmare of losing Tsuzuki. He turned around and found Tsuzukiís mattress empty. Minutes later, he found Tsuzuki sitting outside a temple, pondering over the slash marks on his right wrist. Hisoka found it unfair that Tsuzuki refused to talk about his past. Tsuzuki quietly replied that he preferred to do so in fear of being despised by the rest if they ever know the truth about him. Hisoka felt very hurt and thought that Tsuzuki didnít trust him at all. At Kokakurou restaurant, Muraki told Oriya (who was practicing kendo) that his final preparations for the climax scene were completed.

At Shonen High School, Maki & Mariko bumped into Watari, Tsuzuki & Hisoka and kindly led them to Satomiís lab. Meanwhile, Satomi was dreaming of having Tsuzuki for his experiment. Then, he heard a knock. Opening the door, he was taken back to see Tsuzuki. Recovering quickly, Satomi abruptly lied that he didnít know Muraki and hastily shut the door. Muraki was there, hidden behind some curtains. While Satomi continued his fantasy of becoming famous, Muraki set his eyes on Maki & Mariko.

Later at night, Tsuzuki & Hisoka were enjoying themselves at a fun fair, together with Maki & Mariko. Both girls were walking home happily when they bumped into Muraki. Suddenly, a scream was heard. Tsuzuki & Hisoka rushed over and found some Kochos (4 legged bird-like creatures) feeding upon Makiís body and Mariko unconscious. Tsuzuki collapsed to the ground, shaking uncontrollably. The Kochos were about to attack him when Tatsumi appeared (with his own powers) and slay the Kochos. Then, he attacked Muraki, who made a brief escape.

Tsuzuki awoke to find himself inside a hotel room. Tatsumi explained that heís paying for it with his credit card. Tsuzuki remembered Makiís death and blamed himself for causing it. Tatsumi comforted him and coaxed him to rest. Outside, Tatsumi vowed to make Muraki pay. Then, he went into Hisokaís room. Hisoka felt helpless and didnít know how to comfort Tsuzuki. Knowing Tatsumi was once Tsuzukiís partner (for 3 months only), he asked Tatsumi to accompany while he & Watari checked upon Satomi. Tatsumi replied that he would do this only once for Hisoka. However, the next time, Hisoka would have to do it. After all, itís clearly seen that Tsuzuki & Hisoka were getting closer to each other.

The next day, Hisoka & Watari indirectly hinted Satomi about Murakiís true identity as Tatsumi & Tsuzuki were shopping and sightseeing. During teatime, Tsuzuki told Tatsumi that he wished to protect Mariko. So, the following day, Tatsumi, Watari & Tsuzuki infiltrated the high school as temporary teachers with Hisoka (as an overseas transfer student). Everyone in school was excited except Mariko who believed they were out to kill her.

At Murakiís hidden lab, Muraki was recalling the day he first met Saki, whom he discovered that he was his stepbrother. Though angered by the fact that Saki was born on the same day as him & his fatherís unfaithfulness, Muraki tried to get along with him. Time passed by and Murakiís parents died under strange conditions. It turned out that Saki was the murderer. Saki almost killed Muraki but was shot dead by the familyís butler. For the past 16 years, Muraki longed to have the prefect body in reviving Saki so that he could have the satisfaction of killing him. Knowing Tsuzukiís intense compassion for human beings, he intended to use it fully to his advantage.

Unable to bear with Makiís death & all the gossips in school, Mariko emotionally blamed Tsuzuki for causing it. Tsuzuki was distressed over her harsh words and accidentally cut his finger during his lessons. After literally being Ďforcedí by the schoolgirls to see the school nurse, Tsuzuki obligingly went and was shocked Muraki in the sick bay, posing as the schoolís doctor.

Muraki invited Tsuzuki to watch a Noh opera performance based on a threat that he would harm Mariko if he refused. Hisoka rushed in and said Satomi had taken Mariko. Without much of a choice, Tsuzuki went with Muraki to the performance where Muraki interrogated him about his true heritage. Based on his late grandfatherís reports, Tsuzuki possessed non-human DNA and other unusual sighs like his purple eyes, his body unable to age and the abilities to heal. To worsen things, he named Tsuzuki a monster born from a demon.

Back at Shonen University, Satomi had come to the conclusion that the serial murders were caused by Muraki. He became furious with Muraki for supplying him with organs from innocent victims. Muraki didnít care a single bit and killed him. Seeing Mariko, lying unconscious, he held up a bottle with a centipede inside it.

At Juou Agency, Konoe was aware that Muraki was trying to use Tsuzuki for a cloning experiment (In addition, he was puzzled over Murakiís immense knowledge of Juou Agency). Meanwhile, Tsuzuki was becoming heavily drunk and deemed himself as a non-human being. Recalling his childhood days, he was often bullied or beaten up. Hisoka felt his loneliness and deep desire to be human. Tsuzuki became emotional and wished to be dead. Hisoka hugged him & reassured him that heís human like anyone else. While Tsuzuki rested his head upon Hisokaís lap, Mariko stumbled by and passed out.

Back at Enma Division, Tsuzuki offered to look after Mariko. While everyone was away, Muraki called out to Mariko and awakened the centipede monster in her. Without warning, the Mariko-centipede brutally attacked Tsuzuki, who refused to fight back in fear of hurting her. Then, Suzaku (on her own free will) merged out from Tsuzukiís body and burnt Mariko-centipede. Tsuzuki heard Marikoís dying screams and immediately went insane. Hisoka tried to ran towards him but Suzakuís flames drove him aside. Tatsumi sees Suzaku was protecting Tsuzuki (who was holding Marikoís corpse) like a mother towards her child. Tatsumi was surprised to see Suzaku protecting Tsuzuki since most shikigamis generally turned on their masters once they lost their mental control. Watari looked up and sees white feathers floating from the sky above. Then, he, Tatsumi & Hisoka sees Muraki carrying the unconscious Tsuzuki in his arms. Hisoka attempted to give chase but Muraki (with Tsuzuki) disappeared. Hisoka screamed in rage.

At a temple, Muraki handed Oriya a key card and asked him to stall the Shinigamis for as long as he could. Though Oriya understood Murakiís intentions, he was saddened by the implication that it was the last time he would see Muraki alive.  

To the Shinigamisí dismay, Satomi was found dead by the police at a bridge. Hisoka became discouraged and believed Tsuzuki would never return. Even if he did, Tsuzuki will never be himself as he felt him locking himself into the darkness. Tatsumi objected, for as long as they remember Tsuzuki. He still existed. Based on Watariís research, the Shinigami traced Murakiís whereabouts to the Kokakurou restaurant. At there, Oriya was waiting for them. Holding up the key card, he told them that they had to defeat him if they wish to rescue Tsuzuki. Hisoka accepted the challenge. 

Oriya could see Hisokaís inner struggles and told if he wishes to win Muraki through his hatred, he will lose. Hisoka was injured but persisted on fighting for he deeply wants to help Tsuzuki who had helped and given him the warm and care that he never experienced before. It was through Tsuzuki that Hisoka had found a family in the Enma Division and the meaning of his existence. Oriya felt Hisokaís determination and was rather pleased. After the final blow, Oriya admitted defeat and gave Hisoka the key card. Then, he said Muraki was having the inner struggles like Hisoka. Maybe, some day, he would find it.

Muraki started experimenting on the lifeless Tsuzuki and marveled at Tsuzukiís healing abilities. Based on theories, Saki would be revived through Tsuzukiís body. Then, he would kill him with his own hands.

In Tsuzukiís mind, Tsuzuki dreamt of seeing a boy who was cutting white buds. When he asked the boy why he did it. The boy replied that in order for the potential roses to flourish, the unwanted rose buds must be cut off. Tsuzuki felt sorry for the buds that still had a chance to live. The boy called Tsuzuki a hypocrite and a murderer. Then, Tsuzuki saw the white buds stained with blood.

Muraki was busily with his experiments that he was unaware that Tsuzuki had awakened. Without warning, Tsuzuki stabbed Muraki. Acknowledging his existence was a sin, Tsuzuki decided to kill them both and summoned Toufa, a snake-like shikigami that breathes hell fire. Muraki replied that his death wouldnít heal Tsuzukiís endless pain for they were both sons of sinner. The descendants of darkness.

Hisoka opened the hidden basement with the key card and was shocked to see the lab in flames. Watari pulled him back, telling him that Toufaís powers surpass the shikigamiís healing abilities. Tatsumi felt if Tsuzuki wish to kill himself, they should respect his wishes. Hisoka refused to accept it and leaped into the fire.

Muraki wasnít ready to die for he still hasnít had his revenge on Saki. In the midst of staying conscious, Toufaís flame consumed him. Tsuzuki was kneeling on the ground, praying for Toufaís fire to burn him as well. Hisoka ran towards him, his hand held out towards him. Tsuzuki replied that he had live too long. Heís tired of living and dealing with the pain of guilt & sorrow everyday. Hisoka broke down, held him tightly and said he didnít want to be lonely anymore. His place was with Tsuzukiís. Where he goes, he would go too.  

Daylight has come and Oriya knew Muraki would never return.


Back at Enma Division, Konoe reported to Count Hakusoku that Tatsumi had narrowly saved the duo with his shadow powers. They were both recovering now.  Count Hakusoku remarked how much the two had changed each other. Konoe agreed. At the sick bay, Tatsumi asked Tsuzuki if it would be better if he had let Tsuzuki died in Toufaís flames. Tsuzuki replied he knew Tatsumi cares a lot for him and thanked him for it.

Later, Tsuzuki found Hisoka watching the Sakura petals blowing in the wind. Hisoka held up his sleeve, showing a curse symbol on his arm. Muraki was still alive. Still, it didnít bother Hisoka since heís determined to surpass him one day. Tsuzuki agreed. 

Together, they will.  top  






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Tsuzuki Asato

Tsuzuki has been working for the Shoka Division for 70 years despite his physical appearance as a 26 year old man. Since then, he has been changing partners, losing his bonuses, having his salaries docked (thanks to all the damages he caused during his investigations). He is extremely fond of sweet desserts especially apple pies. Out of the 18 Shinigami, Tsuzuki is supposed to be the most powerful (considering he controls 12 shikigami (mystical creatures like phoenix (suzaku), dragon (seiryuu), white tiger (byakko)) even though his behaviour is completely ordinary (or rather amusing). 

Behind the cheery & happy-go-lucky mask, Tsuzuki has a sad and terrible past. So sad & terrible that he prefers not to talk about it in fear of being despised by the rest.  Plus, he wears a watch on his right wrist (an unusual habit for a right handed man), which nicely covers up the slash scars that he has on his right wrist. The mystery behind Tsuzuki is that he lives in a hospital (during the early 19th century, which so happened to belonged to Muraki's grandfather) for 8 years without food, water or sleep before he finally died. According to Muraki's late grandfather's analysis of Tsuzuki, he possesses some genes that are non-human. The evidence? Tsuzuki's purple eyes, body that never aged & the abilities to heal himself. Despite that, Tsuzuki has a deep desire to be considered as a human being.   top


   Hisoka Kurosaki 

Hisoka's main reason in becoming a 'Shinigami' is to find his murderer (Well, he certainty gets more than he asks for). Though Hisoka is born into a proud and noble family, they are frightened of Hisoka's empathy abilities. Since then, Hisoka is often locked up and spends his days in solidarity (thus, spending his anti-social attitude). Then, on one night, Hisoka went out for a walk because he couldn't sleep. On a field, he witnessed Muraki killing somebody. Muraki saw him, threw him onto the ground, ripped off his clothes and craved an evil symbol on his body.  For the next 3 years, Hisoka suffered an incurable disease and eventually died a painful death. The reason that Hisoka couldn't remember Muraki is because Muraki had erased his memories of that fateful night. During the episodes, Hisoka gradually opens up to Tsuzki, revealing his true inner self (a shy, adorable boy who always blushes whenever Tsuzuki teases him). Still, Hisoka often senses Muraki's presence and is very fearful of becoming him.   top


Tatsumi Seiichiro 

Tatsumi is the secretary of the Shoka Division, who used be one of Tsuzki's partners (for 3 months!). Despite his stern attitude, he cares for Tsuzki in his own way. Being in charged of Enma Division's expenses, he always reminds Tsuzuki to be careful on how he spends his money, especially on his high consumption of sweet desserts & the destructions he always caused. His powers seemed to be associated with shadows. Nevertheless, he's pretty powerful and deadly (when he wants to).  top


Watari Yutaka

Watari is the doctor/scientist for the Shinigamis.  Always cheerful and bubbly, he creates tons of inventions (whether they are useless/ridiculous or not) and often helps Tsuzuki & Hisoka in their investigation. His accent is quite unique. His explanation for it was that though he was born in Kyoto, he grew up in Osaka. Thus, his accent could have been affected.   top





Muraki Kazutaka

Muraki is definitely one of the most sick-minded, sadistic doll collector/doctor/serial killer/pervert in the history of animation. He loves to drain people of their life force as well as collecting dolls (since he also loves to manipulate people and the dolls seemed to represent his victims). In Muraki's opinion, no matter how advanced the medicinal treatments are are or  how skilled a doctor can be, death will always be the victor. After discovering him in the medical records of his late grandfather, he finds Tsuzuki a symbol of perfection and seriously desires (or lusts) to have his powers (and body) very much. Therefore, he creates lots of murders just to catch Tsuzuki's attention. The puzzling thing about Muraki is that for a mere mortal, he knows a lot about Enma Division.  

When he first met Hisoka, he knew Hisoka had to die (since murderers can't have witnesses). However, he felt that a beautiful boy like Hisoka wasn't fitted to die under an unrefined method (like stabbing him to death). So, he decided to curse Hisoka to die a slow and painful death (mmm...Muraki's definition of refined murder techniques... how interesting).  

His reason for desiring Tsuzuki so much is that he needed a body transplant for his stepbrother, Saki who killed his family 16 years ago. Saki almost killed him but he was shot dead by the family's butler. Filled with dissatisfaction & bitterness, Muraki preserved Saki's head while he searches for the body most suitable for a transplant. Since Tsuzuki has regenerating abilities (most shinigamis have that ability), Muraki finds him the best candidate. After the transplantation is complete, he intends to kill the revived Saki with his own hands simply for the satisfaction of killing him. (err... isn't it quite ridiculous to go through all that trouble just to kill someone who died 16 years ago?)    top 




Oriya is Muraki's friend since high school.  As an influential owner of Kokakurou restaurant (a secret brothel for politicians), Oriya has lots of network to aid Muraki. Somehow, Oriya seemed to be the only person who cares about Muraki & understands his diabolic actions.  As a mutual person, Oriya prefers to stay out of the affairs of the Shinigamis.