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400 years ago, baby Recca Hanabishi was sent to the present through a time travel technique to escape the slaughter of the Hokage Ninja Clan. 16 years later, destiny catches up with him. Together with his friends, Fuko Kirisawa, Domon Ishijima, Koganei Koaru & Tokiya Mikagami, they must fight Kurei & his followers to protect his Hime, Yanagi Sakoshita, the girl of healing.

This 42 Episode is illustrated from  books 1 - 16 from the completed manga (33 books) created by Anzai Nobuyuki.



| Good Guys | Uruha Organisation | Karyu


Good guys

| Recca | Yanagi | Fuko | Domon | Mikagami | Koganei | Ganko | Kagero | Team Ku


Recca Hanabishi

Recca always considers himself as an ordinary boy with a craze for ninjas. Then on day, he meets Yanagi, whom he discovers her healing abilities. After making friends with her, he brings her to an empty warehouse where he displays a beautiful fireworks for her. Soon, a mysterious woman named Kagero appears out of nowhere and reveals to him that he is the last descendants of the Hokage Ninjas. Plus, Recca has the ability to produce fire (Karyu) from his arms. Though Recca couldn't believe it, a lot of strange things soon starts popping up that made Recca convinced of his Hokages heritage. The scar on his face was caused by Kurei, who had tried to kill him when he was a baby 400 years ago. 

Throughout the series, Recca has been reckless and always get into unnecessary trouble. Still, he is kind-hearted and always willing to help others in need. He is deeply attached to Yanagi.  top



Yanagi Sakoshita

A typical damsel in distress character, Yanagi is often the main target of every villain due to her unexplainable healing powers. She usually spends most of the time being captured or screaming for Recca whenever she's in danger. According to the manga, Yanagi happened to be a reincarnation of a princess (who also gifted with the power of healing). Recca's maternal father (Ohka) had fallen in love with her & wanted to protect her from an evil warlord who wants her for his own selfish purpose. Sadly, the princess already had a lover, who was killed in the battle against the evil warlord. Heartbroken, she committed suicide.   top



Fuko Kirisawa

Since childhood, Fuko has only one dream - that is to beat Recca in a duel. When she finds out that Recca has chosen Yanagi to be his princess, she is completely upset. Due to her jealousy, Kagero takes the opportunity to use her to fight Recca. Giving her with a moudough (physic devices) named Fujin, Fuko is able to control the elements of wind. Eventually, Fuko accepts Yanagi as a friend and helps Recca to protect her from the Uruha. 


The moudough, Fujin consists of one main ore and 4 small ones (Kaze no Kadama). According to Kagero, when she found Fujin, the main ore was missing. Still, Fujin is able to function due to the Kaze no Kadama. However, if Fuko is to use all of the 4 beads, the power of Fujin will be lost forever.  top



Domon Ishijima

Domon has a reputation of being a demon at school. However, he was beaten up by Recca. Furious, he vows to defeat Recca and make him his personal servant. Somehow, the two become friends when they were trying to rescue Fuko from Kagero's clutches. Domon possess the moudough (psychic device), the Ring of Saturn, which enhances his monstrous physical strength. Later in the series, Domon obtains a few more moudoughs during the Urabutousatoujin (Arena of death battles) top


Mikagami Tokiya

Mikagami's only means of existence is to avenge his sister (Mifuyu)  who was murdered 7 years ago. When he first met Yanagi, he was dumbfounded by her uncanny similarity to Mifuyu. Since then, Mikagami has joined Recca in his quest to defeat the Uruha. During the Urabutousatoujin, Mikagami discovered the awful truth that Mifuyu's murderer is his own sensei, Meguri Koyoza. Mikagami possess the moudough, Ensui, which controls the element of water. Luckily for the Hokages, Mikagami's strategic attacks & intelligent thinking prove to be a valuable asset despite his icy attitude.  top


Kogenai Kaoru

The last to join the Hokages, Kogenai was one of Kurei's men. He joins the Hokages because he disapproves of Kurei's cruel experiments on Yanagi. Blessed with quick agility and thinking, Kogenai is a great fighter with his moudough, Anki Kougan (the moudough that can transformed into 5 forms). At Kurei's mansion, he fought with Mikagami whom he thought to be Yanagi's knight.   top


Ganko Morikawa

Ganko became an orphan when her mother died. Ever since, she has been living a lonely life. Till one day, she sees a mannequin in a boutique shop that looks exactly like her mother. Everyday, Ganko would be at the boutique shop, staring at the mannequin.  After some time, Kurei finds her and offers her the moudough, Kugutsu that could make dolls come to life. Like Kurei expected, the mannequin comes to life. Kurei explains to Ganko that her deep love for her mother had touched the moudough, allowing her to use its powers. However, Ganko has to work for Kurei in exchange for the moudough, Kugutsu. 

After Fuko has defeated her in Kurei's mansion, Ganko decides to join the Hokages. top


Kagero KageHoushi

Believe it or not, Kagero is actually Recca's mother. 400 years ago in the Hokage village, Kagero had given birth to Recca during the ruling reign of his father, Ohka, the 25th Hokage leader. Later at night, the Hokage villagers came over to congratulate them. Among them was Reina (another wife of Ohka) and her 4-year-old son, Kurei.

Reina gave Kagero a present - a bundle of human skulls. Seeing this, Ohka ordered her to leave but the angered Reina told Kagero that Kurei was destined to be the next Hokage leader because he possessed the power of the flame. Her son, Recca would be just a shield for Kurei. A few days later, on a full moon, Ohka heard from his family members that Reina had become arrogant and was a pain in the neck for everyone. Ohka apologized for being an irresponsible leader and husband but Kagero objected because she was happy that Recca was born as a normal person because she didn’t want him to have the heavy burden of leadership. Then, baby Recca cried and Kagero walked over to check on him and gave a dismay cry. On baby Recca's arm, was an orange flame. Ohka was stunned by the sight. Recca was too, the child of the flame.

Another secret was unfolded - Recca and Kurei were half-brothers, thus, explaining why they had the same power of the flame. Kagero explains that the Hokage leader could have as many sons as he wants but only one could obtain the power of the flame. A meeting was held and the elders decided that though Kurei is the eldest child, he must die because they sense intense evil in him. After pleads from Ohka and Kagero, the elders changed their minds and degree that Reina and Kurei would live at the outer rims of the villages as outcasts.

As time passes, Reina was getting severely ill and Kurei was often bullied by the villagers. Desperate and heartbroken, Reina wishes Recca to be died. Upon hearing this, Kurei sneaks into Kagero's house and tries to kill Recca. Luckily, Recca survived and Kurei was thrown into prison for life.

But that was the least of their problems, a warlord named Oda Nobunaga came and attacked the Hokages. Within a night, the men were killed (including Ohka) and the village wiped out. Kagero escaped to the forest where she used a time technique to transport Recca into the future. However, by doing so, Kagero is cursed to be immortal. Nevertheless, she did so and became an immortal. For the last 400 years, Kagero changed her name to Kage Houshi and wondered Japan in search of Recca. 

Kagero's knowledge of the moudoughs often helped Recca & the others during the Urabutousatoujin. top


Team Ku 

 | Kukai | Saicho | Daikoku | Minamino | Fujimaru


The leader of Team Ku, Kukai joins the Urabutousatoujin in hopes of restoring the honour of Ku after its students had dishonored it by being blood thirsty assassins. Kukai uses the moudough, Oni, which will be activated after being hit by the opponents 3 times.  Since the Oni is activated, Kukai will changed from a pleasant monk into an insane demon. top



Like Kukai, Saicho hopes to regain the honour of Ku so much that he is willing to die for it.  He uses the moudough, the paper animator. With it, Saicho could produce paper that could not be easily be burnt by fire. However, Saicho has a weakness. He could only fight for 10 mins due to sever chest injury that was caused during his fight with Ku assassins some years ago. top


Daikoku uses a staff which is also a Hokage moudough. This moudough enables him to fight with lightening speed and yet crush solid objects into dust. Nevertheless, he isn't much of a match against Mikagami. top




Minamino uses the Hokage Moudough, Nan, that transforms his body into elastic rubber. Thus, allowing him to absorb his opponents' attacks without getting injured and stretch his limbs beyond limitations.  top



The most disgusting fighter in Ku, Fujimaru resorts to deception to win his battles. His aim during his battle against Fuko was to humiliate her by stripping off her clothes with his sickles. Luckily for anti-hentai fans, Fuko makes sure he is thrashed up to bits! It's a good thing that Fujimaru doesn't have any moudoughs. top



Uruha Organisation

| Mori Kougan | Kurei | Mansion | Uruha Maboroshin | Uruha Oto | Uruha Mahou | Uruha Kurenai | Uruha 10 |


Mori Kougan 

The Mastermind of the Uruha Organisation, Mori Kougan lacks nothing when it comes to wealth and power. Despite this, Mori Kougan seek immorality through the intense research of the Hokages Moudoughs and clones. When he learnt about Yanagi's healing powers, he wants her very badly as he thinks that she is the key to immorality. top


Kurei with Kurenai

Kurei hates Recca to the core because he felt that Recca was the cause of his and his mother, Reina's sufferings in the Hokage village. When he failed to kill Recca, he was thrown into prison for life.  During extermination of the Hokage village, Kurei escapes and follows Kagero (who is carrying baby Recca) to the forest. When Kagero transports Recca through the time portal, Kurei jumps up from behind and was sucked into the time portal together with Recca. 

Unfortunately for him, Kurei was adopted by Mori Kougan due to the sole reason that Kurei has the power of the flame. Mori Kougan (an insane person) wants Kurei to be a cold blooded, heartless killing machine. To test Kurei's inability of having emotions, Mori adopts a girl named Kurenai and brings her to where Kurei is staying. However, Kurei and Kurenai fell in love with each other.

Angered, Mori Kougan had Kurenai killed right in front of Kurei. Deeply heartbroken, Kurei transforms Kurenai into a fiery Angel so that they could be together forever. Since then, Kurei has been cruel, extremely emotionless and merciless. When he learnt from Yanagi that she knows Recca, Kurei vows to kill Recca by his own hands. 

According to Resshin (the leader of Karyu), Kurei possesses the ultimate Hokage flame, the sacred Phoenix.    top



In Episode 5, Yanagi was kidnapped by Kurei's men. With the help Kagero's Eikai Ball (a moudough that enables one to see through the passage of time), Recca, Fuko, Demon and Mikagami were able to find the hidden mansion where Yanagi was held captive. There, Kurei has assembled 4 fighters...

| Katashiro Reiran | Sekioh | Kogenai Koaru | Mokuren |


Katashiro Reiran

Reiran is actually the mannequin that Ganko found in the boutique shop. With the moudough, Kugutsu, Reiran is able to control her opponents by attaching them with threads. While Reiran fights, Ganko pretends to be a doll named Primela.



Sekioh is a criminal who is locked in the basement till Kurei decides to use him to kill Recca & the others. He uses the moudough, Sekichu that allows him to use the element of stone. 



This dreadful Arena of Death Battles is used by Kurei in his quest to destroy the Hokages as well as the gathering the moudoughs that were scattered all over since its destruction 400 years ago. The rules of the Urabutousatoujin are plain and simple - The winner takes all. If a team is to lose, they have to surrender their weapons, including a tribute. For the Hokages, their tribute is Yanagi. Therefore, the Hokages cannot afford to lose at all! 


Uruha Maboroshin

| Genjurou | Jisho | Mokuren | Meno



The leader of the Uruha Maboroshin (as well as part of the Uruha 10), Genjurou has the ability to create illusions that are able to injure his opponents. With the Hokage moudough, Mugen, Genjurou is able to shrink objects into any sizes he want. In addition, Genjurou is known by the Uruhas for his ability to do psychic surgery (that is to treat patients without the usage of medical equipments). 

His reason for joining the Urabutousatoujin is to kill Kurei (who had defeated him some years ago) to avenge himself. In order to do so, he uses his psychic surgery abilities in attempts to obtain Recca's Kuryu. Too bad for him, Genjurou fails and is killed by Neon for his treachery.   



One of Genjurou's creations (a human combined with animal DNA), Jisho is savage beast that transforms time from time during his battle with Koganei. Still, Koganei is able to defeat him. 



Genjurou used his psychic surgery abilities to combine the Hokage moudough, the Tree spirit with Mokuren's body that makes him a rather powerful fighter. In Kurei's mansion, Mokuren was burnt to crisps by Recca when he told him about the tortures Yanagi had to endure during the experiments. After Genjurou has restored him, Mokuren seeks revenge on Recca in the Urabutousatoujin. However, he was severely defeated by Mikagami.   



Meno is forced to serve Genjurou after he had enslaved her father (with the usage of Mugen). After Genjurou combined the Hokage Moudough (the hair animator) into her body, she is trained by Genjurou to be a killing machine. 



Uruha Oto

| Neon | Miki  | Aki



The leader of the Uruha Oto (as well as part of the Uruha 10), Neon is extremely loyal to Kurei and desires only to have his wishes fulfilled. The reason for her faithfulness is because Kurei brought her & her sisters (Aki and Miki) into the Uruha. At first, Neon worked as Kurei's personal maids. After witnessing Kurenai's death, Neon vows to be part of the Uruha and promises herself not to let Kurei be hurt again. Her moudough is Fukyu Waon (Clashing Harmony) that uses sound waves. 




Miki is Neon's partner when they battled Recca & Mikagami in a duet fight. She uses 2 Hokage moudoughs - Yamabiko the echo shield that reflects sound waves like a mirror would do with light & Idaten, speed dasher that enables her to run like the wind. 


Aki uses the maudough, Kotodama (the Sprit of Words) that has to ability to control people's minds. Whenever Aki says, it would become a reality in the opponent's minds. If opponent is unable to snap himself back to the real world, he will die.   top


Uruha Mahou

| Magensha | Gashakura | Tsukishiro | Kashamaru |



The leader of the Uruha Mahou (as well as part of the Uruha 10), Magensha uses 2 Hokage maudoughs - Jigen Kai Gyoku (Dimension sphere) that enables him to be at 2 places at the same time & the Houmashin (a bazooka-like object). 





Gashakura uses the Hokage moudough, Magagumo (8-leged spider) that enables him to have offensive and defensive attacks at the same time. Unlike Magensha, Gashakura has a strong code of honour and believes in a fair fight with his opponents. 




Kashamaru uses the maudough, Nisebi (Fake Flame) that allows him to copy any of Recca's flame. If it isn't for the dragon, Rui, Recca might have be killed.



Tsukishiro uses the maudough, Oboro (Hazy Moon) to make himself invisible as well as curved sword named Kaigetsu (Ocean Moon) that is capable of transforming into a boomerang. top


Uruha Kurenai (with Kurei as its leader)

| Nori | Kai | Mikoto | Joker



Noroi is actually a spirit that uses Hokage maudough - Bakuju. The legend behind the maudough was that its master used it to move dead bodies as he pleased. One day, he was dying to major injuries in a battle. Out of despair, the master transferred his soul into the maudough. He lives but he needs a physical body to carrying on living. The disadvantage is that the body will soon decay, as it cannot last forever. Thus, Noroi has to possess new bodies to keep on living. 



Kai is actually a student of Meguri Koyoza who once intended him to be the successor of Ensui. However, when he met Mikagami, he sensed potential in him and decides to make him the successor instead of Kai. The only reason Kai wasn't kill is that he is to be the back-up plan if Mikagami is to meet untimely death. Completely jealous and angered, Kai joins the Uruha to face Mikagami in the Urabutousatoujin.



Mikoto's cunningness and deception was made her the most feared opponent (even though her fighting skills are below a novice). She uses a machine and the Hokage maudough - Dokumashin (poisoned nails). 



Joker's wits often saves him from sticky situations. In his battle with Koganei, Joker decides to withdraw so that there is a tied between the Hokages & Uruha Kurenai. His reason for his actions is to allow Kurei to fight Recca. After all, if he wins, Kurei won't be able to fight Recca and Kurei most definitely wouldn't like that at all.  top



Uruha 10 

Out of Uruha Organization, the Uruha 10 is the highest level which consist of 10 members (including Kurei) only chosen by Kurei himself. So far, those involved in the Uruha 10 are team Uruha Kurenai, Neon, Genjurou, Magensha, Jisho & Raiha...



Leader of team Uruha Metal, Jisho was killed by Magensha during the Urabutousatoujin.



The only member of Team Thunder, Raiha uses the maudough, Raijin that uses the element of lightening. He takes an interest in Fuko after learning that she owns the maudough, Fujin. During the Urabutousatoujin, Raiha tells Fuko that their maudoughs are destined to fight each other someday in the future. Like Neon, Raiha faithfully serves Kurei.  top





The Hokage flames could be of any shape, size or colour depending on the characteristic of the Flame Caster. In the records of the flames in animals form, the most powerful flame is the 8-headed dragon, Karyu. Yet, possessing the flame would also cast a curse upon the flamecaster for he were to die of regret, his soul is doomed to become the next fire dragon...  

| Nadare | Saiha | | Homura | Madoka | Rui | Koku | Resshin



The 1st dragon that Recca obtained. Her powers is to produce fireballs and detect enemies from their hidden places. 


From left: Madoka, Saiha & Homura

Saiha is the 2nd dragon to be obtained, his powers is created a fire blade on Recca's cast (that protects him from being burnt to death). Homura's powers are to create defensive flame and Madoka's is to create physic barriers (a shelid if you may say) for Recca to protect himself. 



As the 7th dragon, Rui uses illusions to deceive her opponents. During her fight with Recca, she tells him that deception had to be used sometimes in order to win a fight. 



Being the 8th dragon, Koku is somehow able to appear to the Hokages as and when he likes. As one of the maudough creators (actually, there are 2 only; one who creates maudoughs for destruction while the other creates maudoughs for protecting others), he tells Recca the secret of combining the dragon without injuring himself. His power is fire laser beams.



Resshin is actually the spirit of Ohka (Recca's father). Like Kurei's flame is known as the Cursed flame, Recca's flame is also cursed as well. By using Karyu's powers, Recca is cursed to be the 9th dragon if he dies with regret.  top