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Hanare Toride no Yonna 

(Yonna in the Solitary Fortress)


Garuda, an elite agent named was sent by the Imperial Government to retrieve a young maiden named Yonna who kept herself locked up in a fortress, desolated from society. When he arrived, he was immediately attacked by her older brother, Stan. While fleeing, he discovered Yonna's mystical powers and tried to make friends with her.

Wounded by bitter memories, especially being branded as a "cursed child", Yonna was skeptic about Garuda but she gradually learnt to trust him. However, her overprotective brother, Stan still believed that Garuda was tricking Yonna so that the Imperial Government could use her powers for their own benefits. To make matters worse, Stan was influenced by Pigott's lies (another agent & Garuda's rival).

Garuda confronted Stan, telling him that instead of protecting Yonna, he had made her his prisoner. Even if he killed him, the Imperial Government would never stop until Yonna was theirs. Rooted in his belief  that was the only way for Yonna to be safe, Stan proceeded to finish off Garuda. Unable to withstand the monster Stan had become, Yonna interfered, resulting in the destruction of  the Fortress.. 

Using his vehicle, Garuda and Yonna escaped to safety. Later, Garuda asked Yonna what she was going to do. She replied that she going to travel to different places by herself and hoped that Stan (who may have survived) would forgive her someday. As for Garuda, he had to go into hiding for he had committed treason for letting Yonna go. Then, they went separate ways.

At night, Yonna opened her Stan's locket (that Garuda took with him after his fight with Stan). A hologram was played. It was little Yonna wishing Stan happy birthday and her hopes that they could live happily...

Together... forever...