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 Gin'yu Mokushiroku Meline Liebe

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In the Kingdom of Kuchen, young men from prestigious families entered the Rozenstolz (Rose's Pride) Academy in hopes to graduate from its elite class known as the Strahl (Rays of Sun). Upon success, they would, one day, contribute towards the political stability of their beloved Kingdom...  


Episode 1 - Hubris

Orpherus was again disturbed by the death of his sister, Robertine, who was killed in a bombing two years ago. Frustrated, he swore to get the bottom of the matter so that the people could live in peace. His closest friend, Eduard, comforted him, assuring that he would always by his side as promised. Things heated up again when Orpherus debated with a potential Strahl candidate, Ludwig, whose dictatorship views were unacceptable to him. Interrupted by their teacher, Beruze, they were forced to hold their peace. To calm Orpherus down, Eduard brought him to the academy's greenhouse where Camus (also a Strahl candidate & Ludwig's distant relative ) was. Camus told Orpherus although Ludwig's personality often made people misunderstood him, he's actually a kind person. Meanwhile, some of the students (admirers of Ludwig) were upset at Orpherus' attitude towards Ludwig. To add oil to the fire, Beruze told one of them a secret - Eduard's birth was illegitimate.  Word spread across the academy swiftly, causing the other students to despise Eduard. Assuming that it was Ludwig's doing, Orpherus challenged him to a duel to defend Eduard's honour. Ludwig accepted and the two fought. Fearing that they might be expelled, Eduard, Camus and Naoji (another Strahl candidate & Lugwig's friend) found the real culprit and stopped their fight. Later, Naoji asked Ludwig his reason for accepting the duel. He merely replied that he thought he could easily defeat Orpherus but it seemed that he was proven wrong.  

Episode 2 -  Scandal 

While playing the piano, Eduard recalled his stepmother's hatred towards him (an illegitimate stepson). Afterwards, he accompanied Orpherus to town where they met a girl chased by thugs. After a mini fight, she introduced herself as Elaine whose adoptive parents got into trouble with loan sharks (the thugs). After they parted, Eduard revealed that his father brought him and his sister to his home after their mother died. From the first moment he saw his stepmother, he immediately sensed her hostility. To protect his sister, she was sent away. Till now, he had no idea where she was and swore to find her someday. Meanwhile, Beruze contacted Eduard's stepmother and proposed a plan to eliminate Eduard. The next day, Eduard went to find Elaine whom he seriously believed to be his long-lost sister. When he returned, he found a note from Elaine hidden in his jacket, requesting him to leave with her. Little did he know that she was actually working for the thugs. Worried that he might be in danger, Orpherus sneaked out of the academy to find him. Coincidentally, Beruze showed up (with the Principal)  at the dorm, claiming that he heard rumours of students sneaking out at nights & would like to investigate. Ludwig (after being informed by Naoji) objected with a pretty impressive speech that forced Beruze to back down. Orpherus found Eduard and the two defeated the thugs. From Elaine (who felt bad for deceiving him), Eduard was once again reminded of his stepmother's hatred. However, this would not stop him from finding his sister.     

Episode 3 - Blossom

Born with the abilities to talk to flowers & foresee bits of the future, the gentle Camus was often shielded from people by his overprotective parents. His only childhood companion was Ludwig (who found him to be an unique individual destined for greatness, not a jinx like the others) that had led Camus to join him in the academy. Even though Camus prevented many nasty incidents from occurring, the students continue to spread hurtful rumours. One day, a Rozenstolz graduate named Victor Griffyth paid a visit to the academy. Informed of Camus' abilities, he introduced himself to him because he too, had the same abilities as him and wanted to show him how he could achieve his full potential based on one condition. Camus had to come with him. The next day, Orpherus & Eduard saw Victor driving away with Camus. Suspicious, they followed when they bumped into Isaac (he helped them in the previous episode) who told them more about Victor's background. As reported in the newspapers, he was a very successful businessman, gifted to foreseen any financial opportunities but lately, he had been making losses. Just as everyone suspected, Victor wanted to use Camus' abilities for himself. He tried to take him by force but Orpherus, Eduard, Naoji & (surprisingly) Ludwig stopped him and his hired men. Camus told Victor that he had already accepted his abilities as part of him and it's up to him to discover their true purpose. It was that moment that Victor realized that he had lost.     

Episode 4 - Foreign Country

Upon his father's wishes, Naoji went to Kuchen for further studies till he learnt from his guardian that his father secretly applied citizenship for him so that he could escape the chaos in Japan. Devastated, confused and homesick, he questioned himself, his abilities and the path he should take over and over again to the point that the others became concerned. One by one, they gave words of comfort or advice but Naoji remained hesitant and doubtful. Meanwhile, the Principal proposed to host a Simulation Tourney for the students to display their skills and the main event was a mock duel between Naoji and Orpherus. With his self-esteem still at the bottom, Naoji went to meditate. To lighten his spirit, Eduard took him to town. There, an inn keeper spotted Naoji and asked him to follow her. At her inn, she showed him to a poet who was very ill. Like him, he too came from Japan. Seeing a physical resemblance of his father, Naoji decided to stay with him. Eduard reluctantly agreed but reminded him to return for the Tourney. Later, Naoji read the poet's journal that spoke heavily of his longing to return to Japan. Morning came and Naoji hadn't return. To gain time, Ludwig decided to stand in for Naoji, wagering a bet with Orpherus. After reading the last page of the journal, Naoji saw the spirit of the poet (he passed away during the night) standing by the window. Before leaving, the poet told Naoji to live his life with hope & passion. The duel between Ludwig & Orpherus ended, with Orpherus as the winner. However, Ludwig had won the bet - Naoji returned. With his spirit strengthened, Naoji was determined to find his destiny. 

Episode 5 - Hauteur

From young, Ludwig had an ambitious streak in politics. He returned home to attend a party [The King's brother, Duke Halbert (whom Lugwig was wary of) was among the guests.] hosted by his father who introduced him to Charlene (the daughter of an influential family) - his future wife. Back at the academy, the others were shocked that he accepted the marriage for political reasons instead of love and asked him to reconsider even if he merely did it out of family duty. Later, the Principal had a talk with him, advising him to treasure his friends. At the greenhouse, the others did a character analysis of Ludwig (To sum it all up, beneath the cold exterior, he's a good man) and the pros & cons of their political marriage. At night, Beruze handed a stranger an object, including a bag of money. At the engagement ceremony, Orpherus noticed Duke Halbert among the guests. While Ludwig's father was announcing the engagement, Orpherus saw Duke Halbert leaving. Camus had a bad feeling about it. Then, Orpherus saw a shady character hiding a few distances from where Ludwig & Charlene were standing. The Strahl boys managed to get them to safety just before a bomb exploded. Luckily, no one was hurt but it did confirm what Ludwig expected from his family's political enemies. He also mentioned to Orpherus that he would marry Charlene if nothing happened. The next day, the newspapers reported that the culprit committed suicide (The truth was Beruze killed him to silence him). Plus, Ludwig called off the engagement. Orpherus wondered if the masterminds behind it were the same people responsible for his sister's death.      

Episode 6 - Devoir

With the help of his friend (a Rozenstolz graduate), Isaac managed to infiltrate the academy on the pretense of writing a book on the Strahl students. Although Beruze disapproved, the Principal saw it as a learning opportunity for the boys. While Isaac was busily typing his draft, he unknowingly caught the attention of some strangers. During lessons, Isaac interviewed the Strahl boys on their reasons for choosing the Rozenstolz academy. Once again, Orpherus & Ludwig fell into a debate. Unimpressed, Isaac (being an ex-solider) viewed Orpherus too much of an idealist while Ludwig on the other hand, an extremist in dictatorship. With that, he left the classroom, remarking that the Strahl boys were a disappointment. Later, Naoji, Eduard and Camus went to see him and explained the reasons behind Orpherus & Ludwig's thinking. Meanwhile, spies broke into the Principal's office. While they were escaping, Orpherus & Ludwig gave chase. To silence them, the spies trapped them into a empty warehouse and set it on fire. Isaac was about to rescue them when the spies offered him money for his silence. A little of Isaac's background was revealed. His family were once noblemen who fell heavily into debts. To support his family, Isaac went to join the military. Due to his outstanding performance, he was enlisted to become a spy. Isaac was tempted but when he overheard Orpherus & Ludwig overcoming their differences, he changed his mind. In return for the boys' lives, he suggested them (apparently, they seemed to be on the same side) to take the money along with his 'oath of silence'. With time not on their side, the spies agreed and hurriedly left, leaving Isaac to rescue the boys. The next day, the Strahl boys sent Isaac off. After witnessing their unity, Isaac believed that they would, one day, change the course in Kuchen's future. 

Episode 7 - Cheerful Faces

An anniversary celebration was held at the Rozenstolz Academy  - Camus was giving away flowers at the greenhouse, Eduard was giving free riding lessons, Ludwig was hiding in the library, allowing Orpherus an opportunity to know Naoji better (Isaac was there too, enjoying the free food till he noticed Beruze). Then, the Principal showed up and purposed a game. After finding their selected partner (Eduard & Camus; Orpherus & Naoji), they had to search for a key. The winners would receive an honour beyond their dreams. (The real fact was the Principal lost the key. To save the trouble of doing it himself, he decided to let the students do the work for him) The game began and everyone searched high and low. For Orpherus & Naoji, they had to get away from their 'adoring fans'. At a water foundation, both learn more about each other's background. Orpherus was a mischievous child. Naoji was close to Ludwig because of his charismatic personality (and maybe he was the first one to make friends with him). Then, they saw a golden key lying at the bottom of the foundation. Inside the Principal's office, the two were congratulated. Using the key, the Principal showed them a secret compartment that held vital information given to him by many Strahl graduates. This was their reward  entrusted to them. Meanwhile, Isaac was studying photos of Duke Halbert with a mysterious man by his side, whom he suspected to be Beruze.

Episode 8 - Tactics

An eavesdropping device was found within the academy's premises. Orpherus suspected it was Ludwig's doing. Ludwig merely hinted that the culprit was not a student. Later, the Principal announced a student exchange program between Rozenstolz & its neighbouring school. Naoji & Eduard were chosen (or rather forced into it). When the exchange students arrived, Principal appointed Ludwig, Camus & Orpherus to be their hosts. To their surprise, one of the students was a girl, Ishtar Vermilla (the daughter of the influential Vermilla family). Instantly, Camus sensed a dark presence in her. Both Orpherus & Ludwig became concerned, even more when Isaac informed them that the Vermilla family officially had no children. Ishtar wasted no time in sharing her political beliefs among the students, especially gender equality. After gaining many supporters, Ishtar tried to seduce Ludwig (At the same time, Ludwig was rather intrigued by her ambitions). Just as Ludwig suspected, Beruze was the mastermind behind the devices and had one planted in Ludwig's room. At a cafe, Orpherus & Camus were wary at the rapid growth of Ishtar's supporters. From Isaac's research, Ishtar was a foster daughter whose charismatic speeches and fanatic supporters had made her a powerful figure at her academy. Judging from the evidences, it seemed that she was going to do the same thing in Rozenstolz. Orpherus confronted her and was shocked when he discovered that Ludwig had joined forces with her. Plus, the students were demanding for Ishtar's transfer to Rozenstolz. In Ludwig's room, Ishtar revealed to him her intentions in becoming a Strahl (a position only entitled to men), which was the quickest way to gain full power in Kuchen. Unknown to her, Ludwig was aware of the eavesdropping device hidden underneath the table and took it out.. Ishtar was stunned at his betrayal. Ludwig's explanation boiled down to one simple sentence  -  the Kuchen Kingdom wasn't big enough for the both of them. Realizing her defeat, Ishtar agreed to Ludwig's terms - Leave Rozenstolz not as a man but as a woman. 

Episode 9 - Mirror Image

After returning from his sister's grave, Orpherus' spirit hit rock bottom. To cheer him up, Eduard brought him to town (or rather they both sneaked out) to enjoy the night entertainment. They bumped into Isaac who took them to a pub. There, they met Douglas, a drunken ever since he lost his family during the war. Seeing his state, Orpherus grew more depressed that he began to question his beliefs and wondered if he had been running away from reality all along. He went back to the pub again and tried to talk to Douglas but was rejected. Seeing Orpherus' silver pendant (that originally belonged to his late sister, Robertine), Douglas stole it. Orpherus chased him to a bridge where Douglas tried to throw it into the river. He tripped and almost fell if Orpherus hadn't caught him in time. When Douglas asked him why did he save him (at the cost of him losing his sister's pendant), Orpherus replied he would do the same thing again even if Douglas hated him for it. The next day, Orpherus was back to his usual self. At a cafe, Douglas handed Isaac the pendant (he probably spent the whole night looking for it at the river) and asked him to pass it to Orpherus, saying that with caring people like him to exist, there's some hope for the future.  

Episode 10 - Turbidity

The students were getting rebellious due to the bad influences of man named Josef Torger. With the Principal's permission, the Strahl boys paid him a visit to learn his true intentions. Despite the lavish greetings, Orpherus paid no heed and requested him to stop corrupting the students. Josef cunningly defended himself.  He was a Strahl graduate and thus, legally allowed to communicate with the students. Orpherus was shocked. Josef explained that he too, like them, had dreams of building a better future but his enemies cruelly had his reputation ruined. The worst blow came when the people were taken in by their lies. With his spirit demoralized, he faded away from the world. Unable to endure the malicious atmosphere,  Camus fainted. After Naoji checked Camus' condition, Orpherus decided to talk to Josef one last time. In his room, he found a journal that contained evidences of corrupt activities among the politicians who were currently running the kingdom. At first, he thought that Josef was going to seek justice but it turned out that Josef planned to blackmail the politicians instead. Even if he could gain justice, it would inevitably set off a chaotic chain reaction that would result in the end of their kingdom. This was the future that Orpherus would face and he, Josef, was a reflection of his future. Although Orpherus remained strong in his beliefs, he was deeply troubled. Judging that it was time to bring back the Strahl boys, the Principal went to Josef (who was his former pupil) and offered him a teaching position at Rozenstolz. Although touched, Josef declined as he had a terminal illness. After everyone (including the servants) was out of his estate, Josef stayed behind and had the whole place set on fire. As the house burnt , the Principal commented that Josef did not die out of despair but his death did signal an ominous sign.

Episode 11 - Reality

The Principal announced that King would be visiting Rozenstolz and the Strahl boys were to be his hosts. Orpherus recalled that it was his first introduction to the King that inspired him to become a Strahl. Ludwig solemnly analyzed the King's true purpose was to ensure his kingdom's political security. Meanwhile, Isaac learnt that Beruze was working for Duke Halbert who planned to assassinate his brother for the crown. During a secret meeting, Beruze saw someone familiar. It was Albert Schreier. Suspecting that he might be the mole, Beruze followed him. Meanwhile, Orpherus received word from Camus that he had a visitor. It was Albert, who coincidentally was Robertine's fiancé. After taking him to a bridge, Albert confessed that he was responsible for Robertine's death. He was ordered to investigate an aristocrat under the suspicion that he was with those who were against the King. However, his actions had brought Robertine's untimely death. To avenge her, Albert spent two years tracking down the masterminds and was going to hand over the evidences to the authorities tonight (Unknown to the two, Beruze was spying on them). After giving Orpherus the locket that Robertine gave him, he left not realizing that Beruze had sabotaged his car. At the academy, tension lingered all over the Strahl boys. Feeling uneasy, Isaac left the inn. Orpherus was still at the bridge, pondering over Albert's words. He heard something and turned around. It was Beruze. He fired and Orpherus fell into the river. 

Episode 12 - Wreckage

Orpherus hadn't returned. Fearing the worst, Eduard skipped classes to find him. Ludwig returned home where his father informed him that their spy had gathered concrete evidences to convict Duke Halbert & his men with treason. At somewhere else, Eduard found a wrecked car. Believing to be Albert's car, he investigated and was somewhat relieved that Orpherus wasn't with Albert at the time of the crash. Back at the Liechtenstein residence, Ludwig's father was displeased that their spy failed to show up. At Rozenstolz, Camus & Naoji made excuses for Orpherus & Eduard's absences. Camus felt something frightening in Beruze's eyes. Meanwhile, Orpherus dreamt of Robertine who wished him and Albert a happy future. When he awoke, he found himself in Isaac's room. Duke Halbert was annoyed that Albert was the mole and somehow survived the car crash. With his whereabouts still unknown, Duke Halbert was agitated but calm down when Beruze promised him the crown. Beruze returned to Rozenstolz to check on the final preparations. From his men, there was no news of Orpherus. Judging from Naoji & Camus' expression, Ludwig sensed something was at amiss when he was away. Although they filled him in the details, Ludwig kept mum till Eduard convinced him that he, too, could pave a Strahl future for himself even if it conflicts with Orpherus' views. Back to Orpherus, Isaac told him that he found him in river after hearing a gunshot. While trying to figure out the reason behind the assassination attempt, Orpherus realized that the main target was Albert. He was correct for Albert was the spy working for Ludwig's father. He's still alive but hidden in a secured place. Analyzing that the enemy couldn't possibly have discovered Albert's relationship with Orpherus that quickly, the Strahl boys concluded there was a spy planted within Rozenstolz. After Isaac showed Orpherus the newspaper article of Albert's "accident", he sensed trouble was heading their way. Swiftly, he and Orpherus escaped into the streets. 

Episode 13 (final) - Intellection

The Strahl boys believed that their unknown enemies would make their move during the King's visitation. Somewhere in the streets, Orpherus was upset over Albert's death. After Isaac knocked some sense into him, Orpherus discovered a sheet of paper hidden in the locket (that Albert gave him previously). Recalling his Strahl duties, he decided to return to Rozenstolz. Isaac accompanied him. As predicted, Beruze & his men attempted to assassinate the King but failed to anticipate that the Strahl boys had planned a counter-attack. As the last man standing, Beruze tried again. Orpherus stopped him, recognizing him as the one who shot him earlier. When questioned, Beruze bitterly replied that the differences between the commoners and noblemen had resulted in unequal life opportunities and privileges. For the pain & hatred within him, he vowed to have his revenge by rendering the kingdom into chaos. The two men attacked. Camus interfered, saying that Orpherus mustn't kill him. Beruze escaped and Duke Halbert was arrested. In the Principal's office, the King was thankful but assassination attempt made him deeply concerned for Kuchen's future. The hope of peace & stability seemed impossible to achieve. Orpherus objected that not all was lost. As long as there were people who cared about Kuchen & its people, this hope would not die. Surprisingly, Ludwig supported him. Thus, the King was encouraged and he beamed at the Strahl boys with pride. After learning (from Ludwig & the others) that Albert was still alive, Orpherus visited him, telling him that it was time to forgive himself and move on for a brighter future. This was what Robertine would have wanted. As for Isaac, he left Rozenstolz (probably reporting to his superiors for his next assignment). In the end, there was a photo of Orpherus, Eduard, Ludwig, Camus, Naoji & Isaac posing together, a symbol of friendship bonded forever.  






Orpherus Furst von Marmelade

Grieved over his sister's (Robertine) death, Orpherus swore to create a future where everyone would live in peace and harmony. Honourable, noble and sociable, he believed strongly in integrity and friendship. His views may be idealistic but it's an utopia that every person hopes for.    

Eduard Markgraf von sekt Braunschweig

Born an illegitimate son, Eduard hadn't much interests being a Strahl except keeping his promise to stand by Orpherus at all times. His main concern was to find his sister who was sent away for protection against his step-mother. Slowly, he began to learn that he, despite his background, could pave a promising future for himself.    

Camus Pflalzgraf von Silvanner Luneburg

From young, his family had been isolating him from others, fearing for his safety. Influenced by Ludwig (his distant relative), Camus yearned to explore the outside world. He admired Ludwig initially but he learnt to stand on his own later on. His extraordinary abilities were valuable assets for the Strahl boys.      

Ludwig Herzog von Mohn Nahe Liechtenstein

Ambitious in politics, Ludwig was determined to enhance his family's status & honour. Although his words were often misunderstood, there were hints of vital truth in between the lines. Beneath the solemn (some might find him arrogant) charismatic exterior, he's a gentleman, able to see the strengths and weakness in others as well as within himself. 

Naoji Ishizuki 

After learning that his father had secretly applied a Kuchen citizenship for him, Naoji became fretful about the path he should take. After making friends with the others, he gained self-confidence. Besides skillful in archery and kendo, he's the peacemaker whenever Orpherus & Ludwig  fell into a debate. He's also Ludwig's most trusted companion.     

Isaac Cavendish

A peculiar fellow, he's actually a spy. His assignment was not clearly mentioned throughout the series except he's focused on the Rozenstolz academy and its Strahl boys, especially when he saw Beruze. He helped out the Strahl boys a couple of times. His family were once noblemen who fell into heavy debts that led him to his current job. The Strahl boys probably figured out that he was more than just a 'humble writer'.      


Rozenstolz Academy Principal

With his 'out-of-the-box' attitude, he personally made sure that life at the academy weren't dull for the Strahl boys. One must not dismiss his words of wisdom.  

The King of Kuchen

Although he's praised for a being a fair & wise ruler and had many faithful supporters, the King was highly aware of the conflicts and the political dissatisfaction that threatened the kingdom's stability. 

Duke Halbert

Hungry for the Crown, this Duke planned to assassinate his brother, not caring if his selfish actions had taken many innocent lives.  


He pretended to be the Duke's right-hand man but his real intentions were to make the Kuchen Kingdom fall into chaos. He loathed that only youths from prestigious families, unlike the common people, were given the privileges to make their mark in life. Like Eduard, he was an illegitimate son except that his father, a nobleman, did not acknowledge his existence. It was indirectly hinted that he may be the one responsible for Robertine's death.