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When the sun is full in the sky, a shadow is born on the ground. The shadow represents the form of the things in the universe. The form whips its own body and polishes it. Thus, it becomes the finest Cevar ever to be formed in this manner. The Cevar says, “My one single blow is invincible.” and the people of the world would rise up and praise the Cevar by saying, “You are the only who rules with honour and fear that is unmatched any where.”


“I’m invincible, there’s no one who could defeat my shadow skill, my one single bow is invincible!”


In the Southern lands of Ashiliana, lies a city named Kuruda, which is the birth land of Cevars. The story focuses on the 59th Cevar, Shadow Skill Elle Lag and her adopted brother, Black Howling Gau Ban. Both of them embarked on a learning journey on what does it take to be and become a Cevar. 



59th Kuruda Cevar, Shadow Skill Elle Lag is temporarily banished from the city of Kuruda for breaking the Rules of the 4 Fighters. Accompanying her is her adopted brother, Gau Ban. Together, they went to the Gau's hometown, which was destroyed by bandits years ago. There, Elle reveals her most secret desire, she wants Gau to defeat her and become the 60th Cevar. However, Gau is having doubts about his ability to defeat Elle with the technique, Shadow Skill. 

In the midst of his doubts, he meets the 57th Cevar, Scar Face Vai Lowe, who told him about the history of the Shadow Skill technique. Apparently, Shadow Skill was originated from females slaves who used it to liberate themselves from their oppressive masters. Due to the fact that their hands were chain-bounded, the female slaves developed fighting techniques with their legs only, thus, creating the well-known Shadow Skill technique.

After understanding the heritage of Shadow Skill, Gau set out to fight Elle.     


TV Series

The TV series is a pre-squeal to the OVA, which includes the reasons for Elle's temporarily banishment from Kuruda. The Series begins with Elle's early years as the 59th Cevar and the mental struggles that Gau copes in his path to become a Cevar. Besides Elle, there are other Cevars like the 55th Cevar Hawk Eye Eva Stolla (also the King of Kuruda), 56th Kai Sink of Crimson, 57th Cevar Scar Face Vai Lowe and the 58th G Klain Falanx. Due to the stiff competition between Vars to become the 60th Cevar, Gau has to undergo grueling training sessions with Elle. Plus, he faces a potential Cevar candidate, White Lightening Low.  In addition to physical training, Gau is continuously disturbed & confused by the contrasting teachings of mental strength from Scar Face and Elle's brother, Black Wing Dais Lag.  

The City of Kuruda is famous for its legendary 2000 years of undefended history and, thus, is considered as the strongest city of Ashiliana. Therefore, many enemies & countries (like Soulfan) are plotting to defeat Kuruda before proceeding to the Extermination of Ashiliana's Holy City, Juliennes, the city that is claimed to be the source of the Souma (a mystical power that made Ashiliana prosper for the past 4000 years).     

Detailed Synopsis 



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Good Guys

| Elle | Gau | Folly | Kyou | Dais | Low


59th Cevar, Shadow Skill Elle Lag

Tomboyish Elle is rather hot-tempered sometimes despite her excellent fighting skills. Elle possess a deep belief in upholding Kuruda's 2000 years of undefeated history. Quite rooted in her virtues as a fighter, she always feels a sense of guilt whenever she sees her brother, Dais. Though she has feelings for Gau, she wants him to become stronger than her & Scar and become a Cevar. Besides kicking butt, she loves to sleep, drinks alcohol excessively and gets into debts.


Black Howling Gau Ban

As an adopted younger brother of Elle, Gau always has doubts about fighting and becoming a Cevar. Unlike Elle, Gau has difficulty in finding reasons to fight. However, Gau is always hardworking and often ends up clearing Elle's debts.  One interesting feature of Gau is that he always cries whenever he defeats someone. 

Gau earns his fighting name ' Black Howling' when he defeated 1000 Solufan soliders who were invading Blorahan.  


Follynemlyer Brazamatizer (Folly) Fear Alkana

A Suilem Talisman Sorceress, Folly often aids Elle especially in helping Elle to find jobs to clear up her endlessly huge debts. Initially, Folly used to be Elle's sworn enemy because Folly believed that Elle was responsible for the death of her father, Okito Klyns. Later, she discovered (with the help of the Suilem Association) that though Elle did fought Okito in a duel, she did not kill him. Instead, Okito was murdered by a Suilem Sorcerer named Louis Franscella, who appeared after Elle had left the battle scene.    

Kyou Rew

The last of the Septia Demon Hunter Team, Kyou went in search of Elle to help her kill the demon beast, the Moon King (the demon responsible for the death of the Septia Team). Kyou soon develops a severe crush on Gau though she is a year older than him. In her fear of being weaker than Elle, Kyou trains herself daily to master the weapon, cherings.  Somewhere in the middle of the series, Kyou makes a startling discovery. She is actually the grandniece of Eva Stolla, the King of Kuruda! 


Black Wing Dais Lag

Dais Lag was initially one of the candidates chosen to become the 59th Cevar. However, his parents died of an incurable disease and Elle was seriously ill. Desperate to save Elle, Dais went into various battles to earn the money needed for the medicinal treatment. Eventually, Elle recovered. However, Dais suffered severe permanent physical injuries and was automatically disqualified as a Cevar candidate. In the end, Dais decides to live peacefully in Blorahan while Elle becomes the 59th Cevar. He loves Elle very much & requests Gau to take care of her in his place. 

Dais accepts Gau as his own younger brother and wishes Gau to fight to protect others. His beliefs often crashes with Scar Face's. His favourite phase is 'Every man has a battle that can only be fought by oneself'. 

Sadly, Dais died in his attempts to save Gau from Darkness, a supernatural being from another dimension.      



White Lightening Low

A student of King Eva Stolla's, Low desires to be the next Cevar. He disapproves of Elle because he believes women should be gentle and demure. One day, he bumps into Kyou, immediately falls in love with her and soon considers Gau as his 'love-rival'.   


Kuruda Cevars

| Hawk Eye Eva Stolla | Kai Sink of Crimson | Scar Face Vai Lowe | G Klain Falanx |


55th Cevar, Hawk Eye Eva Stolla

The pillar of Kuruda, Eva Stolla rules Kuruda with firm & gentle hand. He has an older brother named Jin Stolla, who is the grandfather of Kyou. He promises Kyou that he would be a shield for her till she has found a man who can love and protect her. 

56th Cevar, Kai Sink of Crimson; Lazalem Silver Sword

Kai Sink basically makes sure that Ashiliana maintains its peace and stability though his network of spies and contacts. He is also a Lazalem, an important figure that assures the steady flow of Souma in Ashiliana. His friendship with Scar Face is rather based on mutual trust. He is the one who created the famous scar on Vai Low's face, who eventually became the Cevar, Scar Face.



57th Cevar, Scar Face Vai Lowe

Scar Face is incredibly powerful and probably the youngest to ever become a Cevar (At the age of 16, he defeated King Eva Stolla). His beliefs are firmly grounded on the survival of the fittest theory (If one is unable to overcome his weakness, he should die and leave the world). 

Scar Face is immensely interested in Gau and wants him to become the nest Cevar. He often tells Gau that people fight to become stronger and though the consequences are bittersweet, Gau should not concerned himself with it. In Scar Face's opinion, consequences are like bumpy stones that should be kicked away in the paths of those who wished to become Cevars.  

58th Cevar, G Flain Falanx

In the alphabet of an ancient language, G is the 7th letter that also means the strongest. In his overzealous quest to become the strongest, G tries to kill King Eva Stolla but is killed by Scar Face. Unknown to everyone, G had exchanged his soul to obtain the power of Jama talismans that had the ability to bring the dead back to life despite its time limitations. 3 years after his supposed death, G returns to complete his quest. Unfortunately, Gau defeats him. Before G transforms into the Jama talismans, he tells Gau that he is proud to be his opponent and wishes him to continue to go forward as warrior with a pure heart.  



 Holy City of Ashiliana, Juliennes

Juliennes, It was the largest city of Ashiliana that has a rich history of over 4000years. It is still said that the Holy power of Souma was still residing in this area that spread throughout the land. Juliennes was a glorious city that stood high in the sky, protecting the land. Thus, it was regarded and respected by all as the Holy City...

| Juliennes Lyllvelt Be Bijoue | Sir Gardo Day | Holy Knight Folstense Lowe | Holy Lazalem priestess Guinevia  |


Juliennes Lyllvelt Be Bijoue

The pillar of Ashiliana due to her intense connection with the flow of Souma, Princess Lyllvelt is often concerned in keeping the peace of Ashiliana and maintaining the flow of Souma. When the other 3 cities in Ashiliana started to rebel against Kuruda for failing to reveal the identity of the fighter who had assaulted them, Princess Lyllevelt decides to give Kuruda the highest title - the Sword of Ashiliana and recipient to receive the title is Black Wing Dais Lag.    


Sir Gardo Day & Holy Knight Folstense Lowe

Like Father Like Daughter, Both of them are the bodyguards of Princess Lyllvelt. Holy Knight Folestense Lowe is actually the wife of Scar Face Vai Lowe. 

Holy Lazalem priestess Guinevia

Guinevia is in charge of keeping the flow of Souma steady in Ashiliana. In order to bring Lunalis Lumbra back to Kuruda, she performs the Moon Summoning Ritual with the help of Kai Sink. 




The Holy power that surrounds the Holy country of Ashiliana since ancient times was known the power of Souma. This Souma dwells in all things in this world and was passed down from generations to generations, continuing to bring good gifts to the people of Ashiliana. But now, the flow of Souma was decreasing and misfortunate was about to come upon the people of Ashiliana, increasing their fear…

Lunalis Lumbra  | Darkness |


 Lunalis Lumbra

The one who controls the flow of Souma since ancient times. He appears at the last few episodes of the TV series.



The most mysterious character in Shadow Skill. A supernatural being from another dimension, Darkness comes back to Kuruda to witness Gau's fight with G. Later, under the request of Scar Face, Darkness decides to teach Gau the fear of Death. During the battle, Dais interferes and fights Darkness. Though Darkness was defeated, he cannot die because he is immortal in the world of mortals. Still, he admits his defeat and declares Dais as the winner. 

Darkness' true self is actually a cloaked man with very long black hair. In his own dimension, Darkness has kept Dais' soul while Kai Sink heals Dais' physical body. When the time is right, Darkness will resurrect Dais to become the Sword of Ashiliana.


The 4 Fighters

Juliennes , the Holy city of Ashilianawas surrounded and protected by 4 different cities - Kishurana of the East, Felicia of the West, Kuruda of the South and Likitoa of the North. The Cevars from each city were very proud of their fighting abilities. However, they have been warned to abide by the rule of the 4 fighters in order to maintain peace and stability. Without this rule, there would be chaos and severe bloodshed…

|Ceremony of the 4 Fighters | Kaila Rue Luka | Gean Tease | Sai Oh


Ceremony of the 4 Fighters

The annual Ceremony of the 4 Fighters is held in Juliennes, where fighter chosen from the 4 respective cities pledge to uphold the rules of the 4 Fighters and to uphold peace and stability in Ashiliana. Elle is one of those 4 Fighters. 


 Kaila Rue Luka

Kaila is from Likitoa and is the first to pick on Elle. She uses the Sand Fist Technique. When she and her people was attacked by an unknown fighter from Kuruda, she travels to Kuruda to investigate. 


Gean Tease

Gean is from Felicia and uses the Felicia Style Kouma Technique. Like Kaila, she too was attacked by the same unknown fighter from Kuruda. She joins Kaila in her investigation.


Sai Oh 

Sai Oh is from Kishurana & uses the Kishurana Iron Swordsmen technique. He has a deep grudge against Elle because she killed his master, Zal Zakyulet. To make things worse, Zal's death was kept a secret from the public. Sai is angered at the injustice and challenges Elle to a duel. During the duel, the same fighter (who attacked Felicia and Likitoa) appear at the outer rims of the battlefield and threw a spear, that pierces right into Sai's chest. Though the wound is fatal, Sai insists to continue fighting, forcing Elle to kill him.

Based on Sai Oh's death, Elle is found guilty of breaking the Rules of 4 Fighters. However, the sentence is lightened to temporarily banishment because Elle has prevented the Extermination of the Holy City from happening.   




| Master Leen | Gana Greeg |


Master Leen

The Ruler of Soufan, a country that is plagued by poverty due to its heavy lack of natural resources and the flow of Souma. Master Leen is influenced by the theory of Exterminating the Holy City and hopes to make it into reality. After his defeat in the Blorahan Lightening Assult, Master Leen leaves his armies and goes in search for the source of the theory. He discovers that the theory is infiltrated in Soulfan by unknown enemy of Juliennes and that Soulfan is simply a prawn in his conquest.  


Gana Greeg

She is the best Hulem Beast Master in the land of Soulfan. Known as the Beast Master of Destruction, she sets out to destroy Elle while Soulfan armies go to Blorahan to capture Dais.  


| Hidden Enemy of Juliennes | Len Fuuma |


Hidden Enemy of Juliennes

He is the mastermind behind the Theory of Exterminating the Holy City. There is nothing much about him except his deep grudges against Kuruda. He owns a fighter named Len Fuuma. 


Len Fuuma

Known as the Devil of Ying Style, Len believes that his fighting style is the strongest and the teachings of Kuruda are useless lies. He is the one responsible for attacking Kaila Rue Luke & Gean Tease and killing Sai Oh.