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Sukisyo (Sukina mono wa suki dakara shouganai!)


Brief Synopsis || Characters

This 12 episode comedy drama anime (plus a naughty 13th episode/OVA) starred Sora Hashiba, who recently returned to school after he had fallen out from the school's  window. He got a shock of his life when he woke up to find a boy on top of him, addressing him as 'Yoru'. The boy was 'Ran', his future roommate. The next day, Sora united with his childhood buddy, Matsuri Honjo. When asked about having Sunao Fujimori as his roommate, Sora oddly thought that his name was Ran. Furious, Sunao stormed off, leaving Sora puzzled. Later, Matsuri explained to Sunao that Sora had lost most of his memories since that accident. Meanwhile, Sora told his "guardians", Minato Shinichiro and Nanami Kai about Sunao, especially the part when he called himself as Ran. After Sora left, both became concerned and feared that their old nemesis, Dr. Aizawa was up to something.  Down the school hallway, he bumped into Nagase Kai  whose presence made him uneasy that he had to run away, back to exact spot where the accident occurred. Weirdly, his personality changed. At that moment, Sunao appeared and called  him 'Yoru'. In a split second, Sora returned to himself and fainted. After a nightmare, he woke up screaming, almost frightening everyone. It turned out that Sunao who the one who brought him to the school's sickbay. 

Mischievous as always, Matsuri deliberately created the "Do-it-all' team that often landed Sora & Sunao in silly sorts of fixes. Once, he tricked them into dressing up as a couple. To spice things up (at their expense), he announced that whosoever catch them could get to use them (anyway they liked) the entire day! After ensuring that Sunao was safe with Nanami in the school's sickbay, Sora ran off to distract the crazy crowd. Uncertain of Sunao's true intentions since that day, Nanami asked him a few questions. Sunao merely replied that it was a coincidence. All he really wanted was to be with everybody like they used too. Feeling his sincerity, Nanami apologized. Their conversation was cut short when they heard voices outside. Quickly, Nanami showed him a secret passageway to Shinichiro's office. Meanwhile, Sora had himself well-hidden till he heard familiar footsteps that affected him badly. Fleeing into the nearest room, he went berserk. Hearing the commotion, Sunao went in and found Sora somewhat disoriented. Shinichiro went to check up on them when he overheard Sora & Sunao talking to each other as Yoru & Ran respectively. When he entered the room, Sora & Sunao were back to their normal selves. Later, in the evening, Nanami told Shinichiro that they could trust Sunao but he seemed doubtful.   

One night, Sora encountered Cosplay Bandit no. 416 who warned him that he would steal his most precious treasure. Matsuri interpreted the treasure to be Sunao but Sora concluded it was his favourite soft toy (Toushizou). When the Bandit showed up again, Sora & Matsuri tried to ambush him but what they didn't anticipate was that Bandit no.416 had an accomplice, Bandit no.773 who captured Sunao (and Toshizou) while they were distracted. The Bandits fled with their prize with the boys hot on their heels. Matsuri took on Bandit no.773, leaving Sora to deal with Bandit no.416. Unknowingly for Sora, he changed into Yoru, forcing Bandit no.416 into a fierce fight. Luckily, no one was injured. It turned out that the Bandits were Shinichiro & Nanami. Although their reasoning was to test the trio's teamwork abilities, the true purpose was to confirm Yoru's awakening in Sora. 

As Yoru and Ran's awakening became more and more uncontrollable and frequent, uneasy tensions raised between Sora & Sunao. Furthermore Shinichiro's suspicion of Sunao increased when he saw physical similarities between Nagase & Dr. Aizawa. Nanami decided to invite Sora & Sunao over for dinner to lighten up everyone's mood. Meanwhile, Gaku Ichikawa told Sora that Sunao was often seen reading books about psychology, split personalities and other relevant materials at the library. Sora was excited to taste Nanami's cooking but an unexpected guest showed up, Soushi Asaka, who whisked them away to Ryouna's hospital for a medical check-up (They planned this together with Nanami because they were aware of Shinichiro's overprotective nature).    

Till now, Sunao had kept quiet about him secretly working for Nagase & Dr. Aizawa. Burdened, he treated Sora coldly and even changed rooms (But that didn't stop Yoru & Ran from seeing each other!). At school, Ichikawa passed Sunao a message from Nagase. Suspecting a relationship between Nagase & Sunao, Ichikawa spied on them and discovered a vile plot involving Sora. He tried to warn Sora but was prevented by Nagase. Meanwhile, Matsuri (thinking that Sora & Sunao had a fallout) tricked them to go to school to retrieve a lost item ("as part of the 'Do-it-all' team's duty"). The trick worked and two were back to normal. Then, Sora asked Sunao to bring him to the place where the accident occurred. Sunao agreed on the condition that whatever happened, Yoru must not resurfaced. At the place, Sora recalled running away from Nagase before he threw himself out of the window. Troubled, he asked Sunao the truth about their past.

Since childhood, Matsuri, Sora & Sunao were like brothers until one day, Matsuri went overseas with his family. Soon after, Sora & Sunao  were taken to Aizawa's research centre where life was hell for them. In time, Sora & Sunao developed their alternative personalities - Yoru & Ran. Nonetheless, as long as Sora was with him, it was enough for Sunao to endure Aizawa's experiments. Then, one night, Shinichiro & Nanami broke into the research centre to rescue them but failed to surpass the security system, forcing them to leave Sunao behind. Since then, Sunao had always hoped that Sora would come back for him. Meanwhile, Ichikawa managed to return to the boarding home where he told Matsuri & Shinichiro about Nagase's plot. Together, they went to school & found Sora lying unconscious and Sunao missing. While Shinichiro went to find Sunao, Ichikawa fearfully told Matsuri that Nagase did mentioned that the plan was already in motion. Suspecting that Nanami was the only one who knew the entire truth, Ichikawa & Matsuri confronted him. 

It all began when Nanami worked for Aizawa in his research in mind control and personality alteration till he met Shinichiro. After seeing the errors of his ways, Nanami left Aizawa and started a new life with Shinichiro. Later, Matsuri, Sunao & Sora came into the picture and everyone lived happily like a family. After Matsuri left, Nanami & Shinichiro lost contact with Sunao & Sora till they discovered that they were held captive in Aizawa's research centre. After their failed rescue attempt, Nanami always blamed himself for leaving Sunao behind. When Nagase & Sunao appeared, Nanami feared that Aizawa would use Sora as part of his revenge. His fears came to reality when Shinichiro returned home to find Sunao in the living room. Someone else entered. It was Sora (moving like a zombie) with a knife in his hands. 

Initially, Shinichiro assumed that he & Nanami were Sunao's targets. However, the person whom Sunao wanted revenge on  was Sora because he was the one who abandoned him. Sub-consciously, Sora couldn't understand what Sunao meant. Despite Yoru's forewarning, he unsealed his locked memories. Just as Sunao had said, he did abandoned him. At that moment, Sora mentally broke down. To spare Sora from further agony, Shinichiro stabbed himself. Fortunately, Nanami & Matsuri came in time to rush Shinichiro to Ryouna's hospital. Guilt-ridden, Sora went back to school to solve the last puzzle - why did he throw himself out of the window? There, he learnt from Yoru that Aizawa & Nagase showed up that day. Not wanting to be his lab rat again, he threw himself out. 

At the research centre (now an abandoned place), Aizawa was not entirely pleased with the results (the part that Shinichiro stabbed himself instead of Sora killing him) and revealed a shocking truth to Sunao. He mind controlled Sora to abandon him. Realizing that he had been manipulated all along, Sunao tried to kill Aizawa but failed. Back at school, Sora received a phone call from Aizawa. With Sunao as bait, Sora had no choice but to go to research centre. Once again, Aizawa tested his mind control on Sora by using a lighter. Sunao disrupted the experiment, causing the centre to go up in flames. While the two fled, Sunao tripped and fell, unable to move. Seeing the chance to let history repeat itself, Aizawa tried to mind control Sora to abandon Sunao. He failed.   



   Characters  [back


Sora Hashiba 

Ever since that school accident, most of Sora's memories were lost but that didn't stop him from making friends with Sunao. Friendly, athletic and gullible at times, he's so likeable that one might forgive him for falling prey to Matsuri's pranks. During his captivity in Aizawa's research centre, he developed his alter personality, Yoru, as a form of a mental defense mechanism. When he's Yoru, he's dangerously aggressive.   [back

Sunao Fujimori 

With Sora by his side, Sunao was able to endure any hardships. When Shinichiro & Nanami failed to rescue him, he hated them for separating him from Sora. Furthermore, he blamed Sora for abandoning him which led him to work for Aizawa & Nagase. The only thing he failed to anticipate was that he would develop feelings for Sora. Though slightly cynical, intelligent (but not enough to outsmart Matsuri) and introvert, he's a gentle soul scarred by the wickedness of science. When he's Ran (his alter personality), he's more bold and madly in love with Yoru.   [back       

Matsuri Honjo

This cheerful, mischievous prankster was probably the link that held the fierce bond between him, Sora & Sunao. As the self-proclaimed manager of the "Do-it-all" team, he often 'forced' Sora & Sunao to do all sorts of things (at their expense). He's also the vice-president of the student council and head of the boarding house. A lovable person.  [back   

Minato Shinichiro 

He's like a big brother to everyone and tend to be overprotective. When Sora lost his memories, he didn't want to him to dig up the past in fear that he might suffer a breakdown. He's a maths teacher in Sora's school.   [back

Nanami Kai

The man responsible for whole story. He used to work for Aizawa till he met Shinichiro. His new life was disrupted when Sora & Sunao were kidnapped and he had always blamed himself for failing to rescue Sunao. While working as doctor at Sora's school, he spotted Nagase and suspected something was up but lacked evidence. After Sora's accident & Sunao's arrival occurred, he still hoped that Aizawa played no part in it. A motherly character.  [back     

Nagase Kai   

Following the footsteps of his father (Aizawa), Nagase infiltrated into Sora's school and became the president of the science lab. His task was to observe Sora & Sunao's activities. After Sora finally defeated Aizawa's mind control, he persuaded his father to leave them alone.  [back 

Gaku Ichikawa   

A school classmate (who stayed in the same boarding house as Sora) with a major crush on Nagase. It was him who caused Nagase to have a change in heart.   [back

Soushi Asaka 

A lawyer with his own office. He tend to be affectionate towards Nanami just to make Shinichiro annoyed. [back


Often addressed as 'Ayano-chan', this doctor's a friend of Shinichiro, Nanami & Soushi. Like Soushi, he too had his own hospital. [back]


The sadistic villain. One might suspect that he kidnapped Sora & Sunao to punish Nanami for leaving. He became interested in Sora because he's the only one who resisted his experiments with his will power.. When he located Sora's whereabouts, he used Sunao to test whether Sora was still under his mind control so that he could fully complete his experiment. [back]