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Anime: Gravitation

Name: Eiri Uesugi alias Eiri Yuki (Seiyuu: Inoue Kazuhiko)

Talented and successful, this romance novelist may seem brutally cold but he is actually a gentle soul tormented by a mentally traumatized  incident that happened during his childhood. His life took an unexpected turn when he criticized Shuichi's (an aspiring lead singer of the band, Bad Luck) lyrical skills. Through Shuichi's relentless persistence, Yuki gradually grew to trust people and eventually, confronted the past that he had been suppressing for so long.   


Anime: Wolf's Rain

Name: Hubb Lebowski (Seiyuu: Miyamoto Mitsuru)

He may be the average Joe type but when it comes down to a time when a man got to do what a man got to do, hell do it wholeheartedly, especially when his ex-wife, Cher, (a scientist whose interest in the legend of Flower Maiden & Wolves had caused their divorce) disappeared. Though hes not exactly the main character, his intense determination to find Cher has such a powerful human element that its worth dragging yourself to watch the slow-paced anime. Not to mention, the outstanding voice acting that the seiyuu did for this character. 


Anime: Initial D 

Names: Ryosuke & Keisuke Takahashi (Seiyuus: Koyasu Takehito & Seki Tomokazu)

Also known by other street car racers as the Red Suns, these two brothers are determined to conquer Japan with their new elite team, Project D. With Ryosuke's insightful knowledge & experience and Keisuke's brilliant driving skills, there's no telling how much Project D can accomplish! In their fourth season, the team is faced with skillful opponents incomparable to the previous seasons, especially when a shady team contacted their gangster brothers to deal with them. Little did they know that Keisuke turned out to be the gangsters' senior! No wonder Ryosuke was calmer than usual during that situation. (Spoiler: he was a delinquent during his younger days till Ryosuke introduced him to street racing.)  This 100% entertaining anime is definite must-see!


Anime: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Name: D (Seiyuu: Tanaka Hideyuki)

This half-vampire half-human hunter bears the lonely curse of rejection from both sides and the inner turmoil of resisting the bloodthirst that has get to overpower him. Soft-spoken, composed and skillful in sword fighting, he tracks down vampires who harms the human race. The intriguing mystery surrounding him is the identity of his vampire father whom many adversaries would have swore that it could be the King of Vampires. So far, D hasn't shown any signs of interest towards his vampire heritage.


Anime: Vampire Princess Miyu

Name: Larva (Seiyuu: Miki Shiniichiro)

This western Shima almost killed Miyu when she bit him on the neck, causing their blood to flow into each other's bodies, uniting them as one. When he learnt about the cruel task cast upon her for eternity, he became her guardian, promising her that should she astray from her duty, he would kill her. In time, a strong bond was created between them. It was tested when Larva's friends came to Japan to kill Miyu in hopes of releasing Larva from his bondage. However, he told them that the Larva that they knew was already dead.


Anime: Fate Stay Night

Name: Assassin (Seiyuu: Miki Shiniichiro)

For every Holy Grail War, there's a servant for each Master. His case is special in a sense that he's summoned by another servant named "Caster". Unlike most servants, he has no regrets of past lives or desires except to fight a worthy opponent. The reason behind is he's actually a fiction character from story books. His ultimate move is the Hiken Tsuname-Gaeshi that literally means " Swallow Return". His wish was finally granted in his battle against a Knight Servant named Saber.


Anime: Fate Stay Night

Name: Archer (Seiyuu: Junichi Suwabe)

For every Holy Grail War, there's a servant for each Master. His Master is Tohsaka Rin, a magician from a prestigious family. His main objective is to protect Rin in her quest for the Holy Grail. Besides archery skills, he also used swords and magic chants. He died nobly during his fight against Berserker (another servant).


Anime: Blood+ (TV)

Name: Solomon Goldsmith (Seiyuu: Kouji Tsujitani)

He became Divas Chevalier during the First World War, during which he was a doctor. As the most humane (and perhaps, compassionate) being among his comrades, he realized that the feud between Saya & Diva was no different from bloodshed among humans. In time, he fell in love with Saya and left Diva. After Saya turned him down, he grew desperate and even attempted to kill Diva. His chance to prove his love and loyalty to Saya and his newfound belief that Chevaliers could change their destinies came when his former comrade James tried to assassinate Saya at her most vulnerable condition. Though his death may be viewed as somewhat unfortunate, he had died for something worth fighting for.

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