Le Portrait of Petite Cossette

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Le Portrait of Petite Cossette OVA (コゼットの肖像)

This horror gothic anime is about Eiri Kurahasi who worked at his uncle's antique shop. Among the European antiques, he found a beautiful glass chalice that enabled him to see a girl. Fallen heads over heels over her childlike beauty, he drew sketches of her. One night, he saw her death.  Immediately, blood began to fill the chalice and he drank it. Following which, he found a portrait of her with the words written - To Cossette d'Auvergne, from Marcello Orlando with love. Little did he know that he was to inherit the sins of Marcello Orlando (Cossette's fiancÚ) who murdered Cossette and her family, simply because he wanted to 'preserve' the childlikeness in her. Filled with bloodthirsty hatred, the d'Auvergne antiques wanted revenge and Cossette was the only one who could pacify their revenge & purified their 'souls'. To do that, she had to find someone willing to make the blood pact to be her 'medium' (which Eiri did by drinking the blood from the chalice). With his body as the medium for the painful 'soul' purifications, Eiri's health deteriorated, arousing concerns among his friends whom many sensed an evil aura inside the antique shop. Nevertheless, Eiri's obsessive love for her made him pressed on, even if it meant his inevitable doom. At the end, one might have second thoughts about Cossette & her true intentions.







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